Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Little Dose of Self Love and Releasing Shame

I can’t thank all of you enough for joining me and encouraging me on my personal journey to do life exceedingly well!  A special thank you to those who felt safe enough to share your personal struggles with me over the last two weeks.   I am so thankful that we can uplift one another and support each other as we face this thing we all do each and every day called – LIFE!

Three years ago, I made a promise to myself after reading a wonderful and powerful book called Shame Lifter by Marilyn Hontz to stop all negative self talk.  Wish I could say I did it.  Unfortunately, I still have yet to conquer and quiet it completely.    I catch myself way more than I ever did before.   But, and this is a HUGE BUT ~ I know that in order for me to live in true peace and joy – I must first love myself fully and completely as I am, and see myself through the loving eyes of my Creator…without one ounce of shame, guilt, and self-hatred. 

Which leads me to this simple and profound prayer….

How about we all agree to do this…?



The thoughts that fill you and consume you – eventually overtake your heart and become the words you speak  - first to yourself and then to everyone in your life…


I wish people would really consider this next quote before judging others…


Here are some really wise words and things I have truly learned along the way…

So do everything you can to help everyone you meet feel special, appreciated, validated, worthy, and loved!  

Kindness is free and it takes way less energy and thought, then being mean and spewing out words of hatred. 

I have learned that in order to get through this life and all its heartache, I must take it one day at a time…sometimes one moment at a time.   If I try to handle all that is before me, then I am simply telling God that I trust more in my own capabilities than in His plans and faithfulness to fulfill His promises.   Not to mention His never ending love for me!


Doing things differently, trying new things, opening yourself up to change is often very scary…but that fear does NOT have to own you or rule your life.   

Remember this…

Then tell yourself this over and over again until it is the truth in which you begin living every single day! 

This one is so true and encouraging to me –

especially as I look at how far I have come in my personal healing…

I will end this post with the most powerful truth I know –


My HOPE is and will always be in JESUS CHRIST and the promises He made and fulfilled the day He gave His life for mine. In one moment He changed everything and offered every single one of us an eternal HOPE!

Truly thankful to walk out this life with each of you who trade a few moments of your day to join me here!  

Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful day!!


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