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Spark Naturals Affiliate Program! How to Sign Up!


In May I announced the switch to Spark Naturals as my main source for EO’s and now I’m excited to share that you can join me as an affiliate. 

Are you interested in sharing Spark Naturals essential oils with family and friends too?  If so, I have an awesome opportunity to tell you about.  SN recently opened up an  Affiliate Program!  As an affiliate, you'll be able to tell others about Spark Naturals therapeutic grade PURE essential oils and earn a commission for your time and efforts! 

Do you have a large following online? Are you passionate about health and wellness, natural body care, and nontoxic cleaning? I would love to have you join my team!

As an affiliate, you can offer your family and friends an additional 10% discount on any Spark Naturals products and in return, earn a commission!

That's a Win! Win! in my book :)

How it all Works...

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Spark Naturals is unlike any direct marketing sales company.  No enrollment fees, monthly minimums, auto-ship requirements, inflated prices or pressure to perform.  Much like the Amazon affiliate program I'm part of, it's just a clean and easy marketing concept that you can do YOUR way.  It's a great way to pay for your oils or step thing up and really increase your income!  

Affiliate FAQ


How do I earn commission as an Affiliate?

The simplicity of the the Affiliate Program makes the compensation plan very easy to understand.  Whenever anyone uses your Affiliate Discount Code, you earn a commission from each product ordered and listed as your referral.  To view the commission schedule {CLICK HERE to Download}. 

You also have the ability to recruit Affiliates and earn a commission from their sales as well!  

Is there a screening process?

Yes, there is.  Your application will be reviewed quickly and in the order they arrive. There is one requirement that SN will look for, you will need to have placed an order with Spark Naturals previous to sending in your application. They simply want to know that you have some experience with their products.  Once you're approved, you'll be given a Discount Code (10% off incentive) unique to you and, a web-link for your social media.


Spark Naturals offers great benefits to its commerce-related content producers, including the following:

  • a coupon code offering a 10% discount to your followers
  • commission on each sale generated
  • a back office system where you can easily track commissions and traffic
  • rewards system for top-earning content producers
  • early access to information about product launches, sales, and deals

If you haven't placed an order yet, I have a suggestion. Sign up for the Oil of the Month Club, it's the BEST EO deal around! 


All oils are 15ml bottles - shipped out to you once a month (on the same date you ordered the product). The price is $US 15.99 a month and includes shipping and tax. This is a great way to collect oils at a discounted price.

I encourage you to place an order with Spark Naturals if you haven't already - they stand behind all products and believe that you will, too, once you have tried them! Our Essential 4 Pack is a fantastic place to start if you are new to essential oils.


I'm excited to share this opportunity with you! 

Spark Naturals fair approach to the business of EOs impressed me from day one. They're experiencing rapid growth by filling a niche for people who want access to high quality EOs without hassle, high prices or expectations.  Ok, I have to say it...their commission pay out rocks!  Each month I make enough money to pay for gas and my cell phone bill.  What a great feeling!!  

If you're interested in joining Jill Samter as a new Spark Naturals Affiliate please fill out this Application ----> {CLICK HERE }.  Spark Naturals will then contact you personally to help you through the rest of the process and get you on your way!

Update 7/1/2014 – Spark Naturals recently updated the application to include a $25 application fee for individuals without an established blog or significant followership. Individuals with an established blog may have the fee waived.

After you fill out the application be sure you email with any questions. 


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  1. I just signed up for oil of the month club. I'm looking forward to trying this Jill.


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