Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Mom’s Economy

Our children have been learning for months about how our economy works by starting their own businesses.   They buy and sell things to each other.  They have a mail system that is full funded.  They have a trash system that is fully funded too.  My husband is their banker, lawyer, and judge.   Me I get to laugh and be the mom.

You know the person who shops, cooks, cleans, washes, and keeps their businesses running by keeping them all alive. 

In case you are wondering, I’m a very important part of their economy.   Without me, well it wouldn’t keep going.  As I supply much of what they sell to each other or use to make their goods.    Often times I find my things being sold in their economy and they have to pay for stolen goods.    Don’t take what isn’t yours and then sell it to your brother for a profit.  Oh the amazing lessons being learned from this project my husband started with the kids last year is AMAZING and if I don’t say so myself, “BRILLIANT”.

Check this out.

This is what we call mom economy!


As our children continue to learn about how businesses work and run…it was time they learned the value of my hard work.

No one can complain about my fees either.

#1 They know our house rules.  I am done repeating them for a gazillionth time. 

Rules are as follows:

  1. It is never Ok to be rude to each other or anyone.
  2. It is never ok to scream in the house or at anyone.  I’m a very quiet person and don’t appreciate constant noise.  You can be noisy outside.  Inside we speak to each other civilly and with kindness.
  3. It is not OK to leave your room a mess.  All items left on the floor cost you $.25 and there is no guarantee they will be there when you come home from school.   You will have to pay a fee to get them back and it will be up to me how much that will be. 
  4. We all know lying is wrong.  So don’t do it.  When you do it, you pay for it. 
  5. Don't you dare come to my table without washing your hands. You know the rule it has been around since the day you were old enough to feed yourself.
  6. Wash day is my favorite - I make a lot of $$$ because they are just too lazy to turn socks and clothes the right way. They waste my time it is going to cost them.

#2 Because they are posted in a place where everyone can see. They have been read to everyone.

#3 Because a mom is the most valuable business there is.  Our job is to raise leaders, doctors, lawyers, teachers, electricians, plumbers, accountants, and the list goes on.   We are what keeps this economy going.   Just ask any mom how much she spent for back to school supplies and clothes/uniforms.  It won’t take long for you to see how important we are to the economy.

In two weeks I made $8.00.  I’m only $32.00 away from a massage.   I’m feeling pretty good about getting there too with laundry day happening twice a week.  

I don’t have to stress anymore or raise my voice.  I simply give them a fee slip and if they can’t afford the fee they work it off.  Oh and if on laundry day they can’t pay me, no laundry will be returned until you do.

This produces much flurry for the child who is without any money to pay up!   Watch how quick they are to do odd jobs for their siblings to make the money they need to pay mom to get their laundry returned. 

I’m expecting that I won’t keep making as much money as I have on laundry day, because sooner or later they will stop wanting to pay so much for it.   But if not, then it continues to be a win win for me.   That is until they turn an age old enough to do their own laundry.   At which point they can pay me to keep doing it.   Again, a win win for me. 

I will continue to add to the violation list as needed.  For example:

  1. Tattle telling costs $ .25 to me and the person you just told on.
  2. Being bossy an immediate $.25
  3. Not doing your homework will cost you $.50 for every day it is late.
  4. Complaining about helping out around the house cost you $.50 and if you eye roll another $.50, we are a family and that means we work together and take care of one another.  There are no servants in this house.  We are all in this together.
  5. Whining and crying over nothing or when you are told to do something $.25 and you will go to your room where you can whine to yourself or cry alone.   Demanding attention with negative behavior gets you nowhere. 

As you can imagine the fees are endless.  What rules do your children refuse to honor or the ones they pretend to not know that make you crazy?   Create your own violations and sit back, relax, and count your cash.  Soon you will be counting your blessings.

We use every violation as a teachable moment.  They are not told why they got the violation.  They already know what they did.  They make it right and pay for it. 

My husband wants me to keep the money I’m making in “our” economy.  But I explained to him they are wasting my time, being disrespectful to me and others, and what I make stays with me.   He smiled and understood that in order to keep the kids economy going he must pump more money into their system.   He likes it that way.   Which works perfectly for me.

Who is ready to work towards a massage?  Girl, this is hard work. I’m cool getting paid for it!   Everyone knows being a mom is the hardest job there is.  And this is just another way to teach our children to appreciate the gift of having a mom who works hard to keep them alive and pour love into them every single day!



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  1. THis is brilliant. You could be rich or crazy blessed with obedient kids. Hoping for the latter ...

    Jill, would you mind sharing this. A few moms gather each week and splash each other with encouragement. I jot some notes each Monday, but it's a come and link when you can. I get the filled to the brim momma schedules.

    Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.


    Love you,


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