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Today, God wrote a post very clearly on my heart.

After having lunch with a new dear friend, He clearly spoke to me, “RAISE YOUR HANDS and I will fill them up with all that your heart desires.”  He has heard the deepest part of me cry out for His mercy, grace, peace, and joy.   Now I am ready to lift up my hands in full surrender to grab all that He has to give me.

Here is where you all come in. 

Part of my heart cry has been to help others reclaim their health.  If you have been reading my blog for any time, then you know being healthy is one of the most important things in my life.  I’m not ruled by it I simply choose to focus on how to take the best possible care of myself and our family.  I try to do that as naturally as possibly.   I have spent over 11 years doing constant research so I can make the most informed choices whether it be at the grocery store, choosing a dentist, naturopath, chiropractor, or which company to use for our supplements and essential oils.  Our family sees a regular doctor once a year just because the school requires it. Which means they never know who we are.  I’d say I’m doing something right!!!  I am our family caregiver – nurse, boo boo healer, nutritionist, etc.  Being a mom for 19 years will do that to you.  Not to mention the medical community in our country sorta scares me and the advice they give is obviously not making our country any healthier. 

Which leads me to asking you to raise your hand too!

Raise your hand if you have ever been vegan?
Mine is raised.  We lived that way for almost 9 years.  We followed an alkalarian diet and I wrote an entire book about it (link is at the bottom of my blog).   No dairy (eggs included).  No meat.  No fish.  Which lead to many of us being depleted on many vital nutrients and minerals.  We took many supplements along the way, ate plenty of healthy fats, drank fresh juice and wheatgrass, had plenty of organic vegetables, and whole grains.  Yet, my health still suffered and I could see a few of our children were not flourishing as they should on an alkalarian diet.  It worked and helped for a season.  But I could never live on that diet forever.  It was slowly hurting my body and causing more harm than good. 

Raise your hand if you have juiced before (not smoothies)?
Mine is raised.  On and off for 10 years.  Heck, I have an entire chapter dedicated to this in my book.  I still love juicing and its health benefits.  Yet, I don’t have the time I once did to juice for all of us daily, which meant I was no longer able to get the same amount of greens and fruits into us on a regular basis.   I’m excited to say that I have found a product that will help me ensure our family is getting the same nutrients we were from our daily juicing.  Not the same way, but with the same healing benefits!

Raise your hand if you have eaten a raw diet for more than a year?
Mine is raised.   We ate a raw diet for 2 years.   My family was not happy with me either – they missed eating cooked foods.

Raise your hand if you tried numerous diets and plans in hopes to find one that didn’t make your belly ache or your body feel bad?
As you can see from my previous answers we have tried many different eating plans and yet, I still never found one that made my body work as it was intended – without constant pain or my adrenals running on empty.   This year we went grain free and have never gone back.  We are 100% gluten free and eat a little bit of dairy for the first time in almost nine years.  We eat what many would call Paleo and love it.   However, my body is still struggling to heal from all the daily stressors we have faced for such a long period of time.  My adrenals are still unable to recharge and rebuild.  I have tried so many different supplements over the years to aid in their healing along with diet changes, but still unable to figure out what was missing.  Until now.

Raise your hand if you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, and feel rested in the morning?
My hands are raised up HIGH!  It has been years of trying to get a full nights rest (7+ hours) and wake up not feeling just as exhausted as I went to sleep.   I have found many wonderful natural remedies that help me fall asleep, but they are just touching upon the symptom and not healing the underlying problem.   I also use my sleep blend (made with Camp Wander EO’s) each night and that helps too.  Finally, my body is being fueled by what it needs and sleep is no longer outside of my reach.  

Raise your hand if you struggle to get your children to eat vegetables and fresh fruit every day (or yourself for that matter)?
Mine are not raised on this one.  All of our children love vegetables and are amazed how many of their schoolmates have no clue what a real vegetable is, or how few of them eat them.   The sad fact is that our children are not the norm.  Most children grow up today eating very few raw vegetables and have no clue what most of them look like or their proper name.  

I’m excited that I don’t have to stress with getting enough green vegetables into our children anymore.  Not to mention they couldn’t possibly eat enough to nourish their bodies.  Nor could I afford to purchase enough organic vegetables for each of them to eat each day.   Nor is it easy to find organic vegetables that you know are 100% pure and grown in nutrient dense soil.  

Raise your hand if your children struggle with ADHD/ADD?
This is a huge issue in our country.   I consider us blessed to not deal with this issue and I know a huge reason is because of our diet.   It has been proven that a diet high in sugar, processed foods, GMO’s, gluten, soy, corn, and dairy contribute to the increase in ADHD/ADD year in and year out, as well as, the increased number of vaccines children are receiving up to the age of 6.  

Raise your hand if you have ever done a cleanse?

Mine is raised over 10 times.   I have done so many variations of cleansing over the years.   Some were super hard and others caused my body more damage.  A few were gentle and healing.  But none like what I’m experiencing now.  I do some form of cleansing at least twice a year.  Now I am able to do a very gentle and safe cleanse every single day.  

Raise your hand if you just want to feel better and not have to work so hard trying to find the diet that will work for you?

MY HANDS ARE RAISED!  I now can feel 100% comfortable eating the foods we love and not worrying that maybe we aren’t getting enough of this or that.

Raise your hand if you want to learn everything you can about a tried and true system that works for all body types and is safe for children too? 
My hands are raised!   I wanted to find a system and product line that I could use for all of us.  I wanted to find a program that would help each of our bodies and nourish us at a cellular level.  I needed to find a product line that was completely organic and GF (gluten free) and would also support our digestive tract issues.   I needed to find a product line that would detox us without the need to stop eating for days or weeks and wouldn’t cause me to lose any more weight.   I needed to find a company that I could get everything I needed and save money at the same time.  

Raise your hand if you wish you felt and looked like you did before having children?
I’m excited to share with you that you can.   It is easy.  Which was SUPER hard for me to get over.  Because I think anything too easy is not worth having and most people want easy so they are not accountable to do the work.  

RAISE YOUR HAND if you are ready to reclaim your health and feel younger than you have in years!

Over the last six years of blogging and my personal health coaching, many have asked what about this disease or this sickness. Many of you keep asking will this heal this or that. The answer to your questions is this. A BODY RID OF TOXINS knows how to heal itself. A BODY filled to the brim with optimal nutrition knows how to heal itself. A BODY given enough water each day to run efficiently KNOWS how to heal itself. A BODY given the right nutrients day in and day out will heal itself. Almost every single disease you hear about daily and face is due to a toxic body and one that tries to overcome inflammation. Inflammation in the body is killing each of us. Inflammation causes cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.  Remember sometimes the body becomes too toxic and it is too late to heal itself.  Sometimes we interfere with healing by using toxic drugs or treatments which only adds more inflammation in the body and causes it to break down faster.   Until your gut is healthy and working optimally, true health can’t be found.  There is NO simple solution for making your gut healthy.  It takes true change and effort on your part.   Your body didn’t hurt itself, over time you caused the damage.

RAISE YOUR HAND if you want the best opportunity to heal the body?
Then CLEANSE IT, REPLENISH IT, REBUILD IT. Never before has it been this easy. You do one to two months of cleansing and then begin to be on a maintenance program with about 6 products and you are giving your body everything it needs to heal and remain healthy.  THAT IS INSANE!   I have taken anywhere from 10-20 supplements a day and eat extremely healthy and was still unable to heal myself.   It costs a crazy amount of money to buy the best supplements and most of the time you are simply wasting your money.   Why?   Because you are only doing one piece of the puzzle to heal your body from the inside out.  

Read this article to understand why simply using a supplement is never going to change your health.
I can’t wait to hear from all of you who are ready to change your lives and renew yourself from the inside out.    If you have any questions or want to join me and the most amazing group of men and women on this journey – reach out to me today at and put I AM RAISING MY HAND in the subject line!  
Email me to find out exactly what products we are using, what my daily cleanse looks like, and how I am incorporating this into our children’s daily nutrition.  
No matter what excuse you are sitting there coming up with and why you shouldn’t consider this or try it, I can tell you this.  I thought of it already.   I said it to others already.  I swore I would never do this again.   I swore I would never promote another product line again.   I swore that I was not going to promote the easy way, because by gosh I have worked so hard to get healthy.   Well, look where that has gotten me.  Not really any further than I was on my health journey two years ago.   I have tried the “healthiest” lifestyles and eating plans.   I have given them all a chance to do what others promised me they would.   But nothing has begun to make me feel better, stronger, and healthier like a natural cleanse has in such a short amount of time.  
What is your health worth to you? What is knowing that every bite you take today is going to dramatically effect your future? What is it worth to you to know that you have a product line that can not only heal your body but change the health of your entire family? What is it worth to you to come out of your comfort zone and share this amazing truth with everyone you know? Are you really going to let their excuses stop you from being set free from the bondage of pain, being tired, and feeling sick each day? RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU ARE READY to become all that GOD created you to be. I"M RAISING MY HAND! RAISE YOUR HAND if you are ready to bring life giving products to everyone you know and love!

This video is what inspired me to share all that I am with you today.   What would your perfect day look like and are you willing to raise your hand to grab a hold of it today? 

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  1. Awesome awesome awesome post Jill! Praise God! You are definitely an expert concerning all of the other healthy avenues. You can definitely speak from experience where many of us can't!

    I still can't get over Mark's hair! I must talk my husband into doing this. ;-)

    Love and hugs!


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