Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Healing A Broken Heart–Takes More than Time

I have become very silent on my blog. 

{healing takes time and it has been a very private thing for me}

I have become very quiet each day.  

{silence has helped me hear the things I must – forgiveness is the greatest gift to myself and those who have hurt me, grace and mercy are what help me to move through the healing}

I have become very connected to how I feel inside. 

{anger, hurt, frustration, sadness, lonely, disappointed, and grief}

I have become very diligent to heal my broken heart. 

{everyday I spend hours doing things just for my mind, body, and soul to find rest and healing}


I have taken the time necessary to be still and truly feel all the brokenness inside.

{instead of pushing it down, pretending it is not so traumatic, or allowing others to dictate how I go through this process}

I have finally found my way to a place where tears fall instead of being locked inside.

{each day waves of emotions come and I don’t fight them, or try to be strong, or pretend it is all OK.  I allow the tears to fall, knowing that with every tear that is released, there is more space inside now for joy, hope, peace, and love}

I have found my way back to speaking daily to God, not out of anger or hurt.  

{Speaking to Him was just too painful.  But I told myself, “if He is who I believe He is, then He can take all the anger and pain that I feel.  He will not be changed by my feelings or lack of them.   He is God, no matter how I feel.   He is love.   Even when I couldn’t feel it.”   Day after day after day, I would spend hours watching the sunset.  I would watch the river fill up and go back out.   I would listen to the birds all on the river.  I would look up into the midnight sky and see millions of stars.  He beckoned me by His awesome glory in nature and I began to speak to Him once again with a tender voice of longing, surrender, and love.}

I have found my way to hearing His voice once again and giving Him every opportunity to stitch my heart back together one stitch at a time. 

{I don’t resist His daily plan for me.  I don’t have to like it.  I simply must trust that as I get through it, I will grow stronger, wiser, and have greater courage to get through tomorrow.}

I am not fighting the healing.

{Every ounce of me wants to heal.  I’m doing things that are not easy and demand so much of my time.  I would give up all of my time to finally find healing for my heart, mind, and soul"}

I’ve surrendered once again to this process.

{Where I no longer have the plan or fight for control of the outcome.  I simply lay it all down and ask God to hold me together as I leave it at His feet.}

I don’t keep running back to try and pick up what broke me. 

{I leave it where it belongs.  I can’t change the past, nor will I let it rule me.  I can change how I react to what life brings me.  I can change how I let it affect me.  I leave the past behind, so that I can full be present today.}

Because my body struggles so much from PTSD and has had to work extra hard to survive during the past year, I must take extra care of me.

{That is why I began my healing journey where we went gluten free, paleo, etc.   To help ensure I was getting all the vital nutrients I need each day.  Without giving my body and brain the nutrients it needs, there is no way I would begin to feel better. I am also going to start practicing yoga. That has me pretty excited knowing it is training for complete mind and body connection.}

I know that this quote is true.   When I stop letting my fears rule me, they will have no power over me and all that I can achieve!    

And this is how I’m choosing to heal my broken heart one day a time.  


I don’t hate the people who have hurt me.  I have forgiven them.   I pray for them.    I speak no evil wishes over them.  

I have chosen to live out what God has so graciously done for each of us…Luke 9:23-25.  

{I am denying myself the right to hate, hold a grudge, or think higher of myself.   I am denying myself the need to get even or have justice. I am denying myself the ability to withhold mercy, grace, and forgiveness.} 

Healing a broken heart takes way more than time.   Time is enough to heal all wounds.  Some may never heal.  But the human heart will go on and if you give it the opportunity, it will choose life over brokenness every single day.   And if you give it time, it will begin to rejoice, feel hope, joy, and love as it once did before the pain consumed it.  I am choosing to let all of that into my life again.  Otherwise, the past has taken charge over what does not belong to it – today. 

Healing a broken heart means giving yourself permission to simply do the best you can today, and leave yesterday where it belongs, in the past.

My only competition is being better than I was yesterday.

I pray you choose to focus on today.   Today, is all that is promised.  Make it your best day ever by taking time to heal yourself and be the best you that you were created to be.  


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  1. So sorry you are going through so much. Take all the time you need friend. ((hugs))


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