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Over the years, I have learned a very valuable lesson in life.   Change is inevitable.  

Change is good.  

Change can be scary. 

Change is often not easy. 

Change will grow you.  

Change will force you to become flexible or break.

Change is beautiful.

How can I say that?

Because I’ve lived through many changes. 

I have moved so many times in my 45 years of life, that I truly have lost count.

Moving with children that come from hard places is not easy. 

Yet, the change has been good for their souls. 

I have allowed God to take me through the deepest valleys, only to bring me to the highest of peaks where I could look back on how far He brought me.   Knowing that I could have never gotten to where I was standing if it had NOT been for Him.

I have even tried to resist change and stand my ground with every fiber of my being, as God patiently waited for me to surrender, so He could once again lead me out of the valley and into the light of His love.


God's grace


I have seen beauty from ashes.   In my own life and those brave enough to share their testimonies of God’s awesome grace in their lives.

I have stood by watching change in the lives of those I love, seeing pain, frustration, heartache, and all the while witnessing God’s love move mountains that ONLY HE could move.

I have changed.

Well God has changed me.

oh how i love you Mother Teresa!

Once I truly surrendered all that I am:  my desires, my hopes, my life, my family, and let it all go without trying to hold onto any of it, God moved swiftly in my heart and life!

I once again asked Him to reveal the darkest parts of me with His pure and holy light, so that I could see what needed to be refined and purified. 

Day by day, I kept asking God to do this.

Day by day, it got easier.

Day by day, my life circumstances stopped stealing my joy, hope, and ability to love life, God, and everyone that He surrounds me with.

Day by day, peace overwhelmed me.

Day by day, joy has been restored and it is well within my soul.

Day by day, I prayed more and worried less. 

Day by day, my prayers were about Him and not me.

Day by day, I repeated the following over and over and over again – “God, I choose You.   God, I choose to believe in You.  God, I choose to follow Your Son.  God, I choose to put my faith and trust in ONLY You.   God, when I began to lack faith and lose sight of this choice, help me in my unbelief!   God, I choose to be an instrument of peace.  God, I choose You.”

Day by day, my thoughts of Him consumed me.

Day by day, change was happening and all I could do was thank Him.

God, did what I have tried to do while walking in the deep valleys where I convinced myself I was all alone.

I walked away in my heart first, then my mind, and my body began to become bone dry and without hope.

I lost sight of Him.

I hardened my heart to His truth.

I resisted what He wanted to give me.

I stood in His way.

He faithfully and lovingly pursued me.

He refused to let me go.

Because that is His promise to each of us.

I may ask you to walk through the valley of death, but I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I will be a lamp unto your feet.  I will steady the ground in which you walk.  If you fall or stumble, I will catch you.   I will lead you out of a dry land and you will hunger and thirst no more.   I will guide you with My loving kindness.   I will forgive you, as you forgive others.  I will give grace to you, as you humble yourself before Me. Apart from Me, you can do no good thing.  Apart from Me, there is no peace, joy, hope, or everlasting love.  To love Me, is to obey Me.  To walk with Me, you must lean NOT on your own understanding, but in ALL of your ways acknowledge ME.  I will give peace that surpasses ALL understanding, as you trust in Me and Me alone.  To know Me, you must seek Me and follow Me to the cross, lay down your life, deny yourself, and love your enemies just as you do your friends.  You can ONLY serve one master and everyday it is a choice – with your words, actions, reactions, and will – life or death.  For I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE, and NO one gets to the Father, except through Me.  My beloved, I love you and only ask of you what I have already done before you and for you.  

Psalm 94:19

I don’t where God is leading you, or where He has brought you to, nor do I know how or when He will bring you to the mountain top.  

However, I do know one thing must happen before you get there.   You must surrender to change, first within your heart and then within your mind.  

His will must become your own.  

You can’t say “Yes, Lord” while still demanding Him to change your life to make it work out according to your plans.

You can’t say, “Yes, Lord” while telling Him when and how you must be brought to the mountain top. 

It is His way, all the way, every day, no matter what, or it is no way.

God, gave it all the moment He sent His Son to die upon a wooden cross for you and me.

Jesus - The light shines in the darkness. And the darkness can never extinguish it. ~ Re-Pinned by Crossed Irons Fitness


I shared a video by Francis Chan last week discussing his thoughts on the changes that must take place in the body of Christ in order for the church to act in a way that glorifies God.   I couldn't agree more with his passion to see change and revival amongst His people.   You see in order for us to truly tell the world about the hope, peace, joy, and love of God, we MUST make Him our everything and keep Him as our center.   We MUST stop judging, hating, and hurting anyone who doesn’t agree with us.   We MUST do one thing and one thing ONLY very well until the day we die.  LOVE!

Jesus. Hoping to do this at my next family reunion! Oh my. This will be a very large cross and slightly hard:)

And that can only happen when we join together truly being the hands and feet to Jesus in our homes, communities, and throughout the world.  Peace begins with me.  

LORD, make me an instrument of YOUR peace and have YOUR way in all of my life.   I surrender all to You!


{Sheri this is for you – Love you Sissy!}


Praying for you as you choose to surrender all!


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