Sunday, November 24, 2013

How Do I Know God’s Will for My Life?

It starts with this awesome and beautiful truth…



After really grasping that and doing it.

Next, ask yourself, do I really want to know what God's will is for my life?

Then be still and know that He is GOD!

Knowing His will for your life, really isn’t hard or tricky. 

You don’t need to have a special skill.   You don’t need to read a certain book.   You don’t need to look for signs.  You don’t need to play ru&sian roulette with the bible either.   You don’t need to worry about all the things you might think you have to, in order to live in the center of His will.  

What a relief right?

OK, now sit back and listen to this…




God is going to use all the circumstances in your life to test you and refine you.   He is allowing each of us to go through our own valleys in order to test our faith and hearts.   Why?   Because He wants to be the center or our lives.  He wants to be more important than anything else or the people in our lives.  

Maybe you might have to lose your job in order for you to finally surrender your finances to Him.   Maybe you have to walk through a season of sickness, where you are too weak to keep fighting Him.  Maybe you have to be tempted to do the things that you believe are beneath you or that you would never do (you know the things you judge others for falling short on), so that you will see your desperate need for Him to keep you on the right path.  The good path.  The one where He lights the way, step by step.  

God says to be holy as I AM holy.   The only way to holiness – is a pure and humble heart.

How do we get a pure heart?   By surrendering everything in us to Him,  by giving over your life in complete surrender for His will.  By ensuring our hearts are so full of Him, that out of our mouths will be words of life and love.  Because He can’t be anything but life giving and love!   By seeking not be praised, but to praise.  By seeking to love above all else.  A heart filled with Him can’t desire to go against Him.   So no matter where you live, work, study, etc.  It won’t matter because wherever you are, you will be in the center of His will for your life.

How do I surrender to His will?   By simply believing in His perfect love and releasing all of your wants, needs, dreams, hopes, and fears to Him.  Without trying to reclaim them or regain control over them.   By choosing to believe that He is who He says He is.  

Be still and know that I AM, God.

When we know that we know that we know He is who He says He is – we will desire to give Him all of our heart, mind, and soul (body).   We will NOT fear in doing so.  Because perfect love casts out all fear and GOD IS LOVE!!



That truth should give you such peace and joy.   That truth should allow you to simply rest in the middle of your storm.   His love (not ours) is enough to see us through everything.   Why?   Because He is constantly loving us.  No matter what.   Because once again GOD is love.   His love is NOT dependent on us, where we live, where we work, where we go to school, where we shop, where we eat, or how we dress.    That is craziness.  That is what the world wants us to believe.  Somehow, we (the church) bought into the need to measure up, even for God.  

BE THANKFUL HE IS NOT LIKE US, NOR WILL HE EVER TREAT US SO CARELESSLY OR HARSHLY!   His character will NEVER change.  Can I get an AMEN?   He is LOVE, pure and true for all of eternity! 



Friends, we can’t measure up.   We will never measure up this side of heaven.   We are NOT holy.   Only He is.   We are to desire to be holy, because of Him.   We are to choose to sin NO more, because of His love, grace, and mercy given to us paid in full by His willingness to die upon a wooden cross.   We are only able to be good in Him, through Him, and because of Him.   Without Him we don’t stand a chance in achieving holiness.  We are to be as close to Him as possible.   We are to seek Him first and always.   We are to run to Him before we run to our family and friends in our times of need.   We are to want Him above all else.   We are to empty ourselves out completely each day, so that we can filled to overflowing by His Spirit.   That is the way of holiness.   There is no other way.

Here is a great motto to incorporate into our life – LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS.   His love will enable us to do the last part.


God first, me second.   Others first, me second.   His will, not my will.   


Every day we simply must pray (this is just an example of things you can pray and work up to praying all of it with a repentant and humble heart truly seeking Him and not yourself),   “I surrender my will to You, God.   I give all of me, so that I can be filled with ALL of YOU!   I desire YOU above all else.   I trust in YOU and YOU alone.   I place my hope in YOU and not in myself or those around me.  I can’t figure this (your circumstances) out, but I know You will work it out.   I can’t make this right, but I will walk in Your truth, Your way, and Your life so that my life will align itself with Your will in me.   I can’t change the mistakes I’ve made, but I seek Your forgiveness, so that I may forgive myself and then make it right where I have done wrong.   I will forgive quickly, so I may be forgiven.   I will do my best today and leave the rest in Your faithful and loving hands.   I will be slow to anger, fast to listen, quick to forgive, offer grace and mercy to those in need, peace and hope to those hurting, and pour out Your love where there is hatred.  I will wait on You and not go before You with my plans.  I will take each day one at a time, knowing that You will provide me with all that I need today.  I will trust in Your love, which never fails to give me all that I need to live according to Your will.  I choose to believe in You.   I thank You for the gift of faith and the grace to do all that You ask of me.  I thank You for loving me, so that I can fully experience the abundant life in You.  I thank You for giving me every person in my life, the easy and the hard, because they are all a part of You.   May I see them as You do, perfectly and wonderfully created, loved just like You love me.  May I be an instrument of Your peace as I cross paths with them today, sowing love instead of hate, sorrow, pain, doubt, or fear.   May my words be life to everyone that hears them.   May I remain silent when my heart is not aligned with Your heart for the person before me.   God, do with me as You must, as I trust in Your love for me and lay down my fears to surrender all of this to You.   Help me see any area of my life where unbelief still controls my reactions and choices.   Help me to let Your light shine into the dark places, so that I may surrender them to You.   The only way to inner freedom to is to walk toward you, and with You.  I must be willing to completely leave my past behind.   Give me the courage and strength to become who You are calling me to be.  Give me the faith, strength, desire, and passion for Your will in every area of my life.  Thank You, that I can trust in Your will to be greater than anything I could ever plan for or create.  I pray all of this in Jesus mighty and holy name.  Amen”



Does God sometimes answer our prayers immediately and make His will for our lives crystal clear?  ABSOLUTELY!

Does God sometimes keep us waiting (for many an entire lifetime) to see certain situations change or end?  Yes!  Only He knows the perfect timing and way to bring things to pass.  We simply have to keep our eyes on Him and not the circumstances.   Faithfully walking with Him every day as we wait on Him to finish the good works in us that He began.



Does God sometimes use other people to confirm a decision we need to make?  Yes!  But that doesn’t mean we can’t trust in Him to help us know it is OK to make a choice, as long as, we know that it is NOT directly against His will.  Which my friends is easy….is it a sin (and not by your standards or the worlds – by His alone), will it cause you to sin, will it cause another to sin, will it cause damage to relationships in your life, will it cause you to be unfaithful with what has already been given to you?   If the answer is NO to all of these questions, then you are safe to move forward trusting that He is faithful to keep the right path before you!   


You don’t have to become a bible fortune teller, seeking to figure out what book to read to get your answer for any situation and then start guessing if this is the answer I been waiting for, only then to believe God must want me to do this or that.

NO!!!  that's not who God is!   He's not a genie you rub (nor is the bible) to get your answers.  It is the exact opposite,  you trust in Him, believing He loves you, giving your whole heart and life to Him…then He begins to work in you and through you making His will known to you step by step. 

It takes faith in the things hoped for but not seen, to please God.  {Hebrews 11}  God, is not going to show you the way first and then hope you follow Him.   Nope.   He is going to ask you to follow Him, deny yourself, and pick up Your cross as He leads The Way.   {Luke 9:23-27}

And that takes more than courage.   Because doing it His way, all the way, every day, with the right attitude demands FAITH!


photo credit Jill Samter

Faith is a gift from God.  Therefore, it is not something you can conjure or create.  It is given to each of us, by God!  Which means we need to ask God for the faith needed to endure everything before us, all of our relationships, all of our successes and failures, all of our fears, and our times of suffering!

I leave you today where it all began…




Rest in that my friends and embrace living right in the center of His will!



  1. I love this post and it goes right along with what I've been learning in my faith walk. Surrender has been my one word for 2013 and I'm realizing how vital it really is. I must surrender every part of my life to Him. He is my life, my all!

    I'm so glad you are posting about your faith walk Jill. I do believe we can learn from one another along the journey.

    Love you,


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