Friday, November 15, 2013

This is Love <3

I’m slightly obsessed with this prayer and the song written by Natalie Grant based on it. 

Friends if you want to know what love is then give it, live it, breath it, speak it, spread it, choose it, and be it.

Father, every day this is my deepest prayer of my entire being, make “me” an instrument of YOUR peace and love.

I have never felt such joy in my life ever before.   I have never felt such peace in my life before.    Ever.   Not once.

I know with all that I am it is because I am choosing to live out this prayer in my home every single day.   I may stumble and fail as I learn how to surrender this completely to Him – but He is honoring my heart’s cry.   He is giving me what nothing in this life ever will or has.   He is the very breath I take right this instant. 

Today, I’m praying this for every single person that wants to know what LOVE is.   Humbly, I ask this in His name for every heart ready to know a love so pure, true, and faithful.    There is nothing that you will ever taste this good.  Nothing. 

St. Francis prayer - enjoy.


Now get up on your feet and dance around making a JOYFUL sound because HE LOVES YOU!!!!  Then spread it far and wide.  I’ll be here with this song on replay all day doing the same!   


Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing How to Know God’s Will for Your Life.   I trust the message will surprise many of you and bless those who have truly been asking this question for years.  I’m so thankful for Pastors who get this right!!!!!!!


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