Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 17 {Positive Thoughts}


Good Morning,

Welcome to our last two weeks of this challenge.  I pray it has been a blessing to each of you so far.   

Writing these posts and reading about how to live a joyful, peaceful, and love filled life has been so good for my soul.   Each day I am more mindful of what I think and say, first to myself and then to everyone in my life.  It has stopped arguments, eased pain around me, and helped me be very present in each moment.   I have learned so much about myself already and look forward to what the rest of this year holds for me as I continue to keep my focus on positive thinking!

Here is my prayer for each of you today and throughout the coming days!



I recently read this article about 5 ways to love the present no matter how scared you are, and trust it will be a blessing to many of you during our 30 days of positive thinking. 

If you missed a day - click on the label 30 Day Challenge or Positive Thoughts below.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to one of the greatest 30 day challenges you could ever begin!


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