Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 20 {Positive Thoughts}


In 2011, I began a project that will always be near and dear to me.   Even if, no one ever really got behind it.  Seeing it through was very important to me and to those who participated in it…and that means more than words can express.


For as long as I can remember, I looked past what was evident to the mere eyes and saw deep into the soul of whoever was near me.  I remember vividly seeing beauty in people others wanted to mock or ridicule.  I saw their beautiful smile when a bird landed near them, or when they heard a child smile.  I saw their eyes light up when someone simply said, “hello” to them.   That simple greeting that many take for granted, made them feel special and validated just because they were noticed.

When I was doing photography as a business and introduced the concept for the I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT to my friends and family this is what I heard over and over again.   “WOW!  great idea but I’m too (____________________) to have you capture me now.”  Or I would hear, “when I lose x # of pounds I will do it.”   Which never happened.  They were unable to look at themselves as they were and say three words, “I AM BEAUTIFUL”.  

Oh how I long for every single person in the world to know those words are true about them.   Yes, every single person is important, has worth, and has a purpose in this world.   We have forgotten that truth and through all the negative press we manifest the hate they spread.    We are more eager to put each other down, then to build each other up.   We are fast to pick out all of our worst traits and to laugh at any compliment we are given.   How often when one is given to you, do you simply say, “thank you.”  Without telling the person all the reasons that is NOT true about you. 




Beauty will never be determined by how much you weigh, the color of your hair, the shape of your face, body, or eyes.   And until we get that into our ignorant minds, we are doomed to truly live a positive life. 

You are beautiful just the way you are.  Yes, you are.



Now watch this awesome story about four women who were never truly satisfied with their looks and were offered a professional photo shoot and retouching.   Their response to how they looked afterwards is a wake up call for every woman and man who refuses to accept themselves as they are today.    **This does not mean to abuse your body and NOT take the best care of yourself.  It simply means stop beating yourself up day after day or you will never have the courage to become all that you were created to be.




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PS If you live in the VA Beach or surrounding area and would like me to capture the beauty everyone in your life sees, simply email me and we can make that happen.

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