Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 27 {Positive Thoughts}


Before we get started today, take time and breathe in a few nice deep breaths and let out any stress you are holding in your body.  Allow a grateful statement to come to mind and thank God for another day to focus on His love and loving others.   Maybe copy this image and post it somewhere to remind you to always slow down and be still.  Just be in the moment.  No matter where you are, what you face, just be.  That is enough.  That is all that is required of you.  No more.  No less.  Simply showing up to the moment is courageous, beautiful, and worthy of you saying to yourself, “I did it.”  Then keep doing it all day long.  Knowing that in each moment you did your best simply by showing up and not speaking a single negative thing to yourself or those around you.  Imagine what your life would be like if you lived each day this focused about positive thinking and how drastic of a change that could to the world around you!




Oh goodness, we only have one day left of this challenge (since there are only 28 days in February) and I’m not ready to finish this one!   Good thing it is my blog and I can keep on going with this theme forever.   I love it!   Not to mention most of the photos that have been in each post are some of my favorites over the years, and now they are being put to good use! Open-mouthed smile


I want to share something with you that I would regret not doing before this challenge ended.   Over a year ago I read this post and bought the DVD/Book that was shared The Tapping Solution.  For whatever reason, I never watched it or read it until the other day.  WOW!  Is the only word that comes to mind after viewing the DVD.  It has opened my eyes to see the importance of positive thinking more than anything else ever has.  It has opened my eyes to think about every word we speak to our children, each other, our spouses, and ourselves.   Until you can look in the mirror and say these words with full conviction, you have not mastered positive thinking “I accept myself fully and completely.  I love myself fully and completely.  I accept this situation and all that is brings into my life, fully and completely.  I love the lessons it has taught me/teaching me, and because of it I love myself fully and completely.”  Those words are truly life altering when you speak them from your heart into every past hurt or current painful situation.  Please friends, go watch the introduction video, read the post and then consider buying the movie because the intro can’t touch the powerful message given in the 2 hour documentary on this program.  I will be doing this with every one of our children and teaching them how to empower themselves with this technique for the rest of their lives.  Healing mind, body, and spirit is the greatest gift you can give a child (really anyone).  You don’t need anyone to do this for you.  It is our choice to let go of the past or to allow it to still be the very thing holding you back from all that today has for you, while robbing you of the very future you say you dream to have.

FORGIVENESS IS THE GREATEST GIFT YOU GIVE TO YOURSELF!   Teaching your children to forgive themselves will enable them to forgive others.  Help them to break free from the negative thoughts they have already believed about themselves, and watch them soar to new heights with their ability to believe they are good, smart, wonderful, loving, worthy, valuable…



you are the author

Now go and make it a super blessed day!

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Thank you for visiting and welcome to one of the greatest 30 day challenges you could ever begin!


PS Get ready for my March {30 Day Challenge – Nutritional Cleansing}.  Learn how to take your health to a whole new level.

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