Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day Eleven {Positive Thoughts}


Good morning friends! 


The last six months of our lives could have caused me to be a very hard hearted person.   But I chose to forgive.  I chose to see past the hurt and pain, so that it no longer had power over me and my life.   I could have easily been discouraged and not willing to trust in anyone ever again.  But what good would that do to me or for my life?  

I could have chosen to walk away from God, BUT His love continued to pursue me relentlessly and it gave me the strength to do all that I just shared with you.

What I learned from all that I endured is to forgive today for all that it gave me – meaning anyone or anything that hurt my heart is forgiven before I lay my head upon my pillow.   Then I count my blessings and remember all the people and things that I have in my life that I am grateful for.   It is a much better way to end and begin each day, then simply mulling over everything that is causing me concern or hurt me.  I surrender all that I can’t fix, control, or heal over to God…because He it is for Him to handle in His perfect way. 

Every single person you know has dealt with disappointment and discouragement at some point in their lives.  Be kind and gentle with them as they too are looking for the same thing you are…to be valued, respected, and loved.   You may not have the ability right now to do that, but you can pray for them which is the best way to love everyone!   Prayer may not change your circumstances but it will change your heart. 


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