Sunday, March 9, 2014

Inspiration and Truth {Day 9 of Nutritional Cleansing}


One of the greatest things you can do for your health is to learn how to be still.  That’s right.   Not exercising your body, but your mind.  How? Simply being still and giving your mind and body time to regroup, slow down, and heal.  The health of your body all begins in your mind.  What you think has a greater effect on your health than what you eat.   Our minds are a powerful tool and we rarely learn how to use it to the fullest because we are afraid of what it can truly do.   To learn more about how positive thinking can greatly change your health – read last months 30 day challenge on Positive Thinking.

Our brains are the control center of our body and our body is a product of what we eat.   So be sure you feed your body the healthiest and most nutrient dense foods possible, to ensure your brain is able to function at its best!  Take a look at everything the brain does:

Make speaking positive affirmations to yourself and others a daily requirement!  You will be amazed at how good your body begins to feel when you stop speaking negative thoughts to yourself and others all day long.   How can you ever expect to feel well if you think ill all day? 

Divine love

One of the best practices I put into place this year was yoga and meditation.   Notice I called it practice.  I am learning more about it each day and it is teaching me something new about my body and how I feel about myself as well.  It is something I am daily choosing to do for myself and the healing of my body!   IT gives me the time I need to focus NOT on how I feel, but on how God’s love manifests itself through my choice of being still before Him.

Things to consider today…

A journey can only begin with the 1st step.
No more excuses!

So very true.

There is a fountain of youth...
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One final thought for today…

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