Sunday, July 13, 2014

Be Still SONday

WOW!  has it been a LONG time since I sat at my computer putting thoughts together and sharing my personal journey with all of you.   Welcome back!


Tomorrow, I will begin sharing His plans for me and how it took me three years to finally align with them.  I refused to walk the path He was showing me, because I didn’t want to surrender what I thought was best for me.   Why?  Because it was easy and comfortable and I believed that the path I was being shown couldn’t possibly be the right one for me and our family.  Oh pride is an ugly thing!  Not to mention SO deceiving! 

BUT God, who is always patient and loving.   Yet, He allowed me to eat my fair share of humble pie along the way.   Much deserved I might add and I’m pretty thankful His mercy was new each day.   I sure didn’t deserve it and yet, His love remained and kept being poured out as He whispered truths over and over again, until one day I couldn’t resist listening to them any more.

I pray that as I share my journey you will ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to what God’s plans are for you and truly surrender all that you believe is good for what He truly says is GOOD!   His plans are so much better and so is His will for our lives. 


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