Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Least to Be Greatest

God, has been doing such a HUGE work in me about humility.  And it is NO coincidence that todays gospel reading was Matthew 20:20-28  “…whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave.”

Today’s meditation reading is so good I just have to share with you…

“Whoever wishes to be great…”

As Jesus looked at the world from the cross and saw those sinners who had brought evil into the world, and not only those of his own day but of our day, He saw them as people themselves wounded by evil, twisted out of shape, mutilated, too much hurt to be able to put themselves right.  The love so readily and abundantly responsive through continual use among his friends flowed out to these sinners; the same love, the love that compelled men, even unconsciously, to be his friends.  So, He died for them.

We are in the world now as Christ's; in the midst of this storm.  We are here to keep Christianity alive, to keep Christianity pure, intact, to ensure by our own lives in Christ that the gates of hell shall not prevail against Christendom.  This cannot be done if there is the least compromise with love; if we do not try to cast out fear by loving acts, if we do not use the energy grief gives us in loving acts, if we do not imitate Christ literally, we shall succumb to hate or to despair.

Our war work, then its difficult.  It is just the work that Christ Himself fear in Gethsemane, and yet faced and accomplished, and will accomplish in each of us  It demands from us wisdom to see clearly and to keep our balance, and to discipline and order our lives to that end, but it demands also blind faith.  All His “hard sayings” must be accepted literally; we must obey Him absolutely, trust Him absolutely, and for His sake love absolutely.  With this attitude we can work and hope for peace, for oneness of all human creatures, for the promised blessedness.

By Caryll Houselander (1954) was a British mystic, poet, and spiritual teacher


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