Friday, December 26, 2014

Glutened and LLP Allergy Blend


Many of you, like me are gluten intolerant and stumble upon occasions of eating gluten whether you're traveling or eating out.  Often by accident…simply by eating something that comes with a sauce or cooked in one that you didn’t even think to ask about.  

Here's a quick response protocol for the aftermath of symptoms such as inflammation and a histamine reaction.   Because LLP is a natural anti-histamine it can give you quick relief from that drowsy, drugged feeling without side effects of drowsiness!

9 drops in a vegan capsule or, dripped into a shot glass of purified water.

A blend to keep with you during the holidays and beyond.

You can learn more about this amazing blend by clicking here.

My other favorite and MUST have blend for all things tummy related is digest blend. 


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