Monday, December 29, 2014

Peace of Mind for All Essential Oil Users


Please keep in mind that one of the most important benefits of essential oil use is the peace of mind that there is NO chance of chemical dependence or addiction, nor side effects such as hangover symptoms, drowsiness or memory loss.

I appreciate this excerpt from a paper written by Dr. Scott A. Johnson.

"Aromatic extracts from various plant parts naturally contain myriad of chemical compounds, many of which have not been identified, but provide important therapeutic properties. It has been reported in plant medicine that using whole plants with all the naturally occurring compounds reduces the side effects experienced.41,42
Isolating single compounds from plants removes safety checks and balances innately developed in the plant, allowing pharmacological effects that differ significantly from whole plants. Moreover, when naturally occurring compounds are left whole a synergistic and therapeutically enhancing effect is produced as these compounds are believed to act at different receptor targets involved in health and human disease.43,44,45
While inactive compounds in the plant may exert little or no direct activity on the root cause of disease they assist the active compound(s) in a synergistic, additive, modifying, or antagonistic manner. According to reports they enhance bioactivity, stimulate natural and adaptive defense mechanisms, reverse resistance, modulate adverse effects, or decrease metabolism and excretion.41,46,47 Equally,essential oils, when distilled properly to preserve the optimal compound profile of naturally occurring constituents, verified through gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS), offer comparable benefits, including a reduction in side effects." 48,49,50
Embrace the EO Life wholeheartedly in 2015, it's a good life!

If you are new to using essential oils read the following posts to learn how much, when, and how often to use them?

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  3. NEVER EVER put any essential oil into your eyes no matter what someone claims it will do for your vision.   Dr. Papas said the following:  “If anyone EVER tells you to put essential oils in your eyes please rebuke them soundly!! And what they are recommending here is not a small concentration. If you put 30 drops of essential oils in 2 tablespoons that's about a 10% concentration!! And one of the oils is rosemary for God's sake, an oil high in camphor and 1,8-cineole!! Not to mention cypress and frankincense which are some of the best solvents out there with their high levels of monoterpenes. Please people, remember that essential oils are EXCELLENT organic solvents and they will easily dissolve mucous membranes. I cannot imagine what kind of damage this could do to someone's eyes over time, if not immediately.” Essential Oil University was Founded in 1999 by Dr. Robert S. Pappas, EOU is an educational/informational institution dedicated to essential oil production, chemistry and uses. READ THIS TO TRULY UNDERSTAND THE DANGER IN PUTTING ANY EO INTO YOUR EYES.
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