Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Men’s Blend – Essential Oils Just for Him

My husband has taken a few years to come around, but now whenever anyone is sick or he has something going on, he automatically asks me, “which oil is good for that?”   He carries my Be Well Blend with him during every business trip and uses it each night.   He now fills up our children’s diffusers each night and trusts that they are helping them all sleep in a healthy environment. 


Here is something for the men out there.  Many times the essential oil blends we post or talk about can smell a bit flowery and some men don't like to use them other than on their feet.  Here is a custom blend created with our favorite exotic, woodsy oils with a hint of citrus. Combine the oils in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil for convenience.  Men you can wear this blend as deodorant or cologne.  This is a great blend for boys during those times when they feeling angry or agitated.

Vetiver is a very thick oil so combining it this way with a carrier oil makes the oil thinner and easier to apply. Use a glass dropper to get the appropriate amount of Vetiver in your blend. It’s much cleaner this way. Once your blend is complete, apply to wrists or back of neck when needed.

Men’s Blend

  • Glass roller bottle
  • 10 drops Spark Naturals Vetiver (reduces tension)
  • 10 drops Spark Naturals Cypress (calming)
  • 10 drops Spark Naturals Eucalyptus (relieves stress)
  • 15 drops Spark Naturals Grapefruit (anti-depressant)
  • Top off roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil

NOTE: Citrus oils can awaken and increase energy levels. Use with caution if you’re applying this blend late at night or right before bedtime. You could do more or less Grapefruit to meet your needs and preference.

And for all of the men out there who kept their beards way after no-shave November this one is for you!


Try this easy DIY beard oil to keep a beard you love lustrous and soft!

DIY Beard Oil:
•10ml Spark Naturals Grape Seed Oil 
•2 drops Spark Naturals Sandalwood Essential Oil 
•1 drop Spark Naturals Patchouli Essential Oil 
•1 drop Spark Naturals Vetiver Essential Oil
•2 drops Spark Naturals Bergamot Essential Oil
Combine all EOs in a 10ml dropper bottle, then fill the rest of the way with Grape Seed Oil. Swirl to combine.

To use, put several drops in your hand (you'll need more for a bigger beard) and massage into beard, working through to the roots.  Enjoy the woodsy smell all day!

Ladies, be sure to pass this post along to all the men in your life!   This might help convince them essential oils aren’t just for girls! 

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