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Natural Wart Remover


Warts. They're no dinner conversation topic, but they're a reality of life for many people!

Common warts and plantar warts are actually viruses, that’s why they’re so difficult to get rid of…permanently.  Essential oils however,  are VERY effective in killing viruses, more so than traditional OTC remedies, because EOs can penetrate cell walls where antibiotics cannot.

Best essential oils for warts to use:

Oregano, Clove, Melaleuca, Lemon, Lime, Cinnamon Bark, Lavender, Cypress,  and Frankincense.

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How to apply:

Simply put one drop of essential oil directly on the wart twice daily and cover afterwards with a band-aid. Continue until healed.

You can apply any of these oils neat directly on the wart 2-3 times a day. You can also use a combination of 2 or more of any of these oils, and you can dilute them in 2 teaspoons of Cider Vinegar. Apply by using a cotton ball and apply to the wart directly, but avoid the surrounding area.  Cover with a band-aid.

Apply morning and night.  If using Oregano, use a Q-tip to dab one drop of on affected area…this will give you good control of application.  Oregano is a hot oil so you won’t want to spread it around.  Skin tags fall off quickly with Oregano, you’ll be impressed!  Wart removal can take several weeks depending on how large it is underneath the skin.

Layer oregano with milder, gentler oils like lavender or lemon and it creates a powerful duo.  These are wonderful combos for kids!

Lemon is a basic EO that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet!  One of the least expensive oils with a broad spectrum of attributes!  Lemon is wonderful for healing and drying out cold sores too!

Frankincense is always a good idea! If you’re adding Frank, I would mix just a few drops with the lemon together in a glass bottle or roll on, equal parts Frank to Lemon isn’t necessary. You would be adding a little Frank to enhance the potency of the Lemon oil. It could take a couple weeks or so.  Be consistent with putting it on a few times a day. 

Any one of these EOs or any combination will knock those nasty viruses out of your system with consistent use until symptoms are gone!

NOTE: for those with sensitive skin, Melaleuca essential oil is typically a better choice than Oregano, Lemon, or Clove.

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Warts are no fun. But they can often be treated with essential oils. If you find that the natural treatment just won’t work, then definitely go see your doctor and get them burnt off and then treat the scar with good healing oils like Lavender and Helichrysum. And please, let us know in the comment section below anything you’ve done that helps.



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