Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How I Keep My Gut Healthy

I have shared many immune boosting tips on my blog over the years.  One that might really help you if you are dealing with any auto-immune disease is this post.   If there is something specific you would like to learn more about, simply use the search box or click on the HEALTH tab above. 

  This is only ONE step of many that I use to heal my gut.  However, it is a very important one and I hope you will incorporate into your daily routine as well. 

Today, I want to focus on my morning drink that is filled with inflammation killers and immune boosters.


I also add in 1 TB of Great Lakes Gelatin every single time as well.
Here is my recipe: 
Add in gelatin, honey, essential oils, and apple cider vinegar.   Once water is at the right temperature add that in and then mix in your spices.   Stir well and then enjoy!   Be careful NOT to use too much cayenne.  Work your way up to approximately 1/8th teaspoon or as hot as you can without it hurting your mouth.   If you are concerned about the acidic nature of this drink and the possible effect it can have on your teeth, drink it through a stainless steel straw or glass straw.  I brush my teeth right afterwards, and as you know I oil pull three days a week.

Adopting this daily habit has amazing health benefits.  Such as, getting sick less,  having regular eliminations, clearer skin, more energy and having a boost in your metabolism leading to weight loss over time…

Doing this ritual every morning provides a super stimulant to the liver, your main detoxing organ in the body. Your liver will release uric acid and create bile to safely eliminate environmental and lifestyle toxins that would otherwise be trapped in your digestive system longer. Remember keeping your liver and digestive system clean and in optimal condition will help your body prevent diseases like cancer in the future. Combining cayenne with lemon increases the detoxing effect and raises the temperature of your body increasing your metabolism.

I drink this about a half hour after waking.   I rebound (excellent for the lymphatic system)while consuming it, then begin drinking purified water to truly help my digestive tract wake up and flush out toxins from my body. 

I’ve been using this rebounder for ten years.   It’s still in perfect condition and the easiest way for me to work out daily.

Watch this video on the health benefits of rebounding and start doing it today!
Here is one I found like mine above. 

Now you know exactly what I do each morning before I begin the day.   I will be sharing my top ten take-aways from The Truth About Cancer Series very soon.

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