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Every single time you shower, wash your face, put on body lotion and perfume/cologne, etc…you are potentially exposing your body to toxins.  Take a look at how many toxins the average woman is exposed to each day.  Not to mention personal care items that are next to the most fragile skin on our bodies for many hours each day during our menstrual cycles.


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I will let these graphics do all the talking...

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I would like to direct your attention to a few posts that I have shared recently about Beautycounter and why using safe products is vital to your health:

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Then please take 3 minutes today to watch this video.  It literally opened my eyes to seeing everything that touches my skin or my kids in a whole new way!!!!

I have shared this graphic several times already and don't be surprised if you see it again.  

Why?  Because what you put on your skin matters and is important to our health!

A List of Resources About Parabens:—parabens/

I’m proud to be able to share a product line with you that stands for something so near and dear to my heart – keeping me and my family healthy!   They stand up against the government regulations for the beauty care industry that has been absent for over 100+ years.  They stand up against ingredients that have no business being in any product that touches the skin of an infant or small child.  They stand up for you and me.  Which gives me great joy to stand up for them and applaud their efforts.   I love every product that I have tried and I have complete confidence in the direction they are going – creating the safest products for all of us.   MEN – WOMEN – BOYS – GIRLS – of all ages.  

Simply click here and begin using products you can use with full confidence!  

For a list of the products our family uses check out Try Jill's Favs page.


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