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Oil Pulling {Easy Way to Excellent Oral Health}


I first heard about oil pulling a little over six months ago.   Why I didn’t do it right away?  NO CLUE!

It is the easiest and cheapest way to regain oral health.   Seriously.

Sure it takes 20 minutes out of your morning, but the results have totally been worth that time.  
And we all know the truth, anything worth having is worth the time, energy, and effort you put into getting it! 

In this case it was regaining excellent oral health.

I have been a huge teeth grinder for over 10 years – stress will do that to you.   Let’s just say on top of having TMJ grinding your teeth makes for many headaches, teeth pain, and your gums becoming very sore or worse yet receding.    I experienced all of the above and it became so bad recently that I went back to read all the information on oil pulling. 

Each post mentioned whiter teeth, healthier gums, decrease in toothaches, fresher breathe, and overall wellness from the toxins being pulled from your mouth (yes, they all spoke about many health benefits of detoxing the body with oil pulling).  Who wouldn’t want that?  

Which lead me to begin a daily routine of swishing and pulling oil in my mouth for 20 minutes each morning on July 25, 2013.

Don't miss what I"m sharing at the end of this post.  It changed our family's life and my health completely!

I’m not going to write out all the benefits because others have done that so well already.
Read the following posts to understand why you should try this ancient oral healing routine for yourself!


Three oils that are excellent to use:

1 TBSP is all you need each morning.  Simply pick which one you will enjoy the taste of the most.
OK now for the brave part of this post, sharing photos of my mouth!  I don’t really love my mouth because of how crooked my teeth have become over the years from the constant grinding.   But that isn’t important.   What is important is how white my teeth have become in just 11 days!!!  They are the whitest I can remember since being a young girl.   I am 45 now and having a bright white smile is something to be proud of – especially since I have not used a dentist or any chemicals to get them this way.  

(DECEMBER 2016 UPDATE almost 49 and still LOVE having a bright white smile - I've added a few new products to my routine - look for them in the next few months here.)

Jill Samter Oil Pulling

Many people have asked me about the toothpaste our family uses and I recommend:

Natural Toothpaste (no fluoride) 

Another Natural Toothpaste Option

My Favorite Powder Toothpaste (great for your gums and whitening teeth)

Copper Tongue Scraper 

Here are some things I noticed after the first time oil pulling:
  • The oil getting thick in my mouth after a couple of minutes.
  • The oil went from tasting coconut to gross (dirty).  Which I know is a good thing.  It meant it was working Open-mouthed smile
  • It was way easier to do it than I thought it would be.   I used my cell phone timer to keep track for me.
  • When I spit it out into a plastic cup – I was really surprised how WHITE and THICK it got.   Each oil did this – which is sort of cool knowing the coconut oil is clear and the others are yellow.
  • Be sure you have a plastic cup or paper towels to spit it out in.  You don’t want this oil going down the drain each day. 
  • You can do this any time – it is recommended to be done 3 hours before or after eating (on an empty stomach to avoid nausea).  However, it is BEST to do it first thing in the morning before you drink anything, brush, etc. 
DO NOT TILT HEAD BACK you do not want any of the germs from mouth going down your throat.

DO NOT GARGLE with it either – same reason as above.

You can add in any essential oil that you want (MUST BE ORGANIC and THERAPEUTIC GRADE) to help kill bacteria in your mouth and for taste.   I use Lavender Thieves Oil or this oil pulling salve a few times a week, which is known to be a natural anti-bacterial. 

Be sure to use code: jillbewell at check out to enjoy 10% off your entire order. 

For the first three days I used fractioned coconut oil.
Day three I used sesame seed oil.  I was not crazy about the taste the whole time. It got much thicker in my mouth too and I used a bit less than I have of the coconut oil. Still very easy to do for the 20 minutes.

Day five I used sunflower seed oil – very easy to use and taste was just as nice as the coconut oil.
Day six through Day eleven I continued to use the coconut oil.   I will switch back and forth with the sunflower oil.   My husband is only using the sesame seed oil.   In two weeks I will try to convince him to let me take a photo of just his gums to show you.   He has severe gum issues and has had to endure several painful gum surgeries.   After only four days he is noticing less pain in his mouth and his gums look healthier.  

You can see in this next before photo my gum was so swollen, irritated, receding, and very unhealthy looking.   In the after shot on the right the swelling is almost all gone, the gum is coming down over my teeth again, and I am experiencing NO pain when flossing or brushing (let alone eating and drinking).   Just for the record making this face to get a shot of your gums alone is not easy – channeling your inner pirate is a must. 

Jill Samter Oil Pulling

Now for the final gross photo – my tongue before and after.   The photos don’t do it justice – because it looks healthy for the first time in YEARS!   I’m detoxing little by little as I continue to oil pull and my tongue shows that.   I should also mention the first few days I had a touch of a sore throat, weird taste in my mouth, a change in bowel movements, and my teeth hurt a little.  That all ended by day four and has never returned.   My mouth has never felt so clean and healthy!

This photo makes me laugh, because it is the only time it is OK to stick your tongue out at people.  He he he!


A few final thoughts:
  • Yes, you have to do it for 20 minutes to receive the benefits.
  • Yes, you have to use organic oils otherwise you are putting more toxins into your body.
  • Yes, you have to floss and brush your teeth regularly and visit your dentist for routine check-ups.   I use a water-pik every single day – sometimes twice a day with 1 (one) oz. hydrogen peroxide to keep my mouth healthy and to help kill all bacteria in my mouth.  To some this might be overkill but to me you only get one set of teeth and I want to do everything I can to ensure they stay in my mouth for my entire life.   Not to mention the health of your mouth is directly related to the health of your body.  
  • Yes, you can achieve whiter teeth by doing this.   How white they will get depends on your diet and if you keep up with oil pulling.
  • Yes, I will try to convince several of our children to do this.   Several of them have not been great brushers and their teeth and gums don’t look very healthy for children their ages.
  • No, it will NOT hurt your fillings or caps, etc.  I have plenty of both and no issues at all.  NOTE:  if it does cause any issues with your fillings or dental work it is a GOOD thing and thank GOD it brought a bigger issue to the surface.  By oil pulling it began to reveal bacteria under the cap, filling, etc.  Now you can address that with essential oils and a good cleaning at the dentist and keep oil pulling!   
UPDATE:  March 13, 2014
  • I still do this 3 times a week with organic fractioned coconut oil.
  • I do it first thing in the morning while showering and then spit it out in toilet.
  • My teeth feel their cleanest on the days I oil pull. 
  • My breath is freshest those days as well.
  • My gums are very healthy and no receding is taking place, even with me being a night grinder (yes I wear a guard).
  • I’m still trying to convince our older children to give this a try.  They can do it for five minutes tops.  I won’t give up because it really will help their poor oral hygiene habits.
  • I have changed my diet to 100% paleo and a new level of healing my gut has taken place.  My tongue still shows signs of yeast and so do my feet – but NOT like it was when I first began oil pulling.   I know I’m getting so close to having my body in balance for the first time in my life!  YEAH!!! 
  • I know many won’t believe this but it is true…I find the oil pulling to be a great way to relax my jaw and yes my mind.  It helps me release tension and that is a WONDERFUL thing for me (and you too)!
Still oil pulling 3 times a week in 2017 too!!!  We now eat a Ketogenic diet and LOVE it! 
And today May 9, 2017 My dentist asked me I was oil pulling, to which I answered, "Yes I do!" He was glad and made note that my oral health shows it! :-D

I've waited over 20+ years for science and technology to meet so I could finally get relief and have control over my health (brain and body) again.

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  1. Trying it right now! Thanks for the information.

  2. Great post, Jill. Love the photos brave lady. :) I've never even heard of this but, you may have just convinced me to give it a try. I have organic coconut oil in my cabinet right now.

  3. Does anyone know why it has to be on an empty stomach or why you can't eat anything for 3 hours before or after?

    I have done oil pulling and it isn't as hard as it seems. The hardest part is putting that first tablespoon of oil in your mouth. :) The next "hardest" part is remembering to do it every day. I shall begin again. :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. PM
      After doing some researchi found this out. .. sometimes oil pulling can trigger the body to cleanse and if you have a full belly or just ate, you could get nauseous. You could also confuse the body when it is working to digest. You want the body to do one big thing at a time. Oil pulling is no miracle but it really works and when done right it can really change your oral health, which seriously effects your overall health

  4. Quick question: If you're using the water pik with hydrogen peroxide twice a day, isn't that what's making your teeth whiter?

    1. I have been using a water pik for two years everyday. It never changed my teeth color. It also didn't help with the receding gums. The only change had been the oil pulling.

  5. I have tried to on and off when my gums were getting worse. Worked like a charm. Just haven't kept it up. Will have to get back into it.

  6. FYI: As you age, your gums age too, which contributes to teeth shifting as well.

  7. I know this should be common sense after reading, but do I understand correctly that if I do this when I wake up, I have to wait 3 hours to then eat or drink anything? :)

    1. Allison I usually wait 30 minutes after pulling to eat. I oil pull right after I wake up, before I do anything else. If you do it later in the day, then wait 3 hours around meal so you don't get nauseous.

  8. I read often all good news of oil pulling. I tried it last week(with coconut oil) hoping that my cavity reverses. Now I am suffering from sensitivity of my teeth to cold meals and water which did not exist before. Even it is really painful while I am eating.

    Could you please share your opinion in this regard?

  9. Just as you wouldnt spit your oil down the sink, you shouldnt spit it into the toilet either. You don't want to oil clogging up the pipes.

  10. Thank you for the photos! I have been wondering if I should give oil-pulling a try to help with my recession. Read something yesterday about turmeric + coconut oil and leaving it on your teeth, gums for 5 minutes and then rinsing well will yield white teeth and also healing of recession, inflammation, and pockets. I'll do them both on odd/even days. Thanks again and your mouth is beautiful!


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