Monday, September 18, 2017


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Over the last 8 years I've tried several opportunities. Some I failed at. Not because the opportunity was bad....but because I wasn't ready to LEAP.
  • I didn't LEARN what was needed for my success.
  • I didn't utilitize the tools given to me to EXPERIENCE success.
  • I didn't ACHIEVE the goals I spoke about or was told were possible.
  • I didn't PROMOTE to higher levels because I didn't follow through on what is needed to build a successful business.
Notice there is zero blame on the company or the products. Because even if I no longer use the products I once was excited about or thought were good - they weren't why I didn't succeed. I was.

Have you given up on trying another opportunity because the last 1 (or 3) didn't work out like you thought or were told?
Have you already made up your mind that those things are not for you?
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Have you been told they are a scam, by someone who never made $$ trying a home-based business?
Have you been told by family and friends they are just a waste of time?
Or maybe you are just afraid to try because you have never sold anything or don't feel comfortable reaching out to people in your life asking them to support your new business?

If you said yes to any of those, then today I'm asking you to shift your mind-set and to throw away everything you've been told about home-based businesses and what a real opportunity can do for your family and life.
When you join the right opportuinty for you here is what you will experience:
  1. Excitement to learn something new.
  2. A desire to grow into a better version of yourself.
  3. A passion for others to learn about what is changing your life.
  4. A feeling of freedom knowing you can work from anywhere at anytime.
  5. A renewed hope that there is a better way and you are defined by what you do - but by how well you help andserve others.
  6. You will begin to take a real look at yourself and all the excuses you have sat comfortably behind of why you can't or won't succeed.
  7. You will enjoy the extra money, bonuses, and rewards for helping others.
  8. You will begin to be braver than you ever dared or imagined.
  9. You will begin to experience community and fellowship with like-minded people who are on your side and cheering you on.
  10. You will learn new skills and use them to help others do the same.

And if you are in an opportunity right now that is not giving you all of the above, then it is time to reach out to me or someone else to hear what their opportunity has to offer you.

Here are the 3 top reasons I LOVE what we are doing and believe you will too:
#1 NO PARTIES. NO SOCIALS. NO DEMOS. NO more bugging your friends to host anything anywhere for you! Huge sigh of relief for this mom of 6!
Can I get an AMEN?
#2 NOTHING but science based therapuetic products that change peoples lives
#3 A rockstar compensation plan that actually rewards you for your efforts. In 7 weeks I was able to earn a FREE car!  Bye bye minivan mom forever!😂
I'd love to help you create the dream life you secretely are wishing for...all it takes is daily believing you can and to LEAP! Learning, Experiencing, Achieving, Promoting!

Reach out today and let's get you experiencing BETTER too!


Thank you for spending time with me each day! I appreciate it and you!

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