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Like many of you, I seem to be in shock that we find ourselves at the end of the year so quickly.  Time sure does fly the older you get!  But I also find that I'm learning to appreciate each day and the time I have much more!   And no judging I don't have a single gift bought yet! :-D  Which happens to be a great thing for what I'm about to introduce you to!

Before I get to that, I would like to take a moment and thank each of you who continue to support my business and thus our family with every purchase you make or joining our team.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to lead a BETTER life by giving others HOPE!


This monthly newsletter will be a bit different because I've said yes to share the gift of HOPE for women around the world all year long!   I joined a business called Trades of Hope and will be hosting online parties/events to share this incredible mission.  As a mom of 4 adopted children from Africa and Guatemala - my hope is to help more children get educated and stay with their birth mothers.  This beautiful quote from St. Mother Teresa truly embodies what Trades of Hope is doing.  It speaks to my heart for being a part of the solution to our world orphan issue that is over 147 million and growing year after year!.  They are a fair trade company and are making the difference in thousands of lives around the world! 

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Please take a moment to ​watch this video to learn more about them and their mission. 
This does not replace what I'm doing, but instead adds to it! As a mom of 4 adopted children - helping families stay together is very important to me.
Every time you choose to support me - we are supporting women and their children around the world. We are EMPOWERING WOMEN and GIVING them a career and HOPE! So as you plan your gift giving this year - please consider shopping with me through Trades of Hope! If your heart is touched like mine was watching this video and you want to join me, then reach out. Let's spread LOVE and HOPE all around the world!
Many of you are already in the group where I have been educating and sharing about safer beauty, healthy living, ketones, and now Trades of Hope in this group if you would like to join in this community click the link or photo below. I would love to welcome you into this community of like-minded women all desiring BETTER!  Sorry guys, this group is just for us ladies! 

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This week only they have a wonderful promotion for anyone who purchases this beautiful ALDEN messenger bag - you will receive the Weekender Bag for FREE!  Now I have to tell you this bag is GORGEOUS and perfect for all of us ladies too!  You can give the ALDEN MESSENGER BAG to the men in your life, college students, grooms gift or maybe you want to bless your hairdresser this year or your boss!  I'm positive you will find the perfect gift for everyone on your list and they have beautiful home goods as well!  

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They also are giving away this beautiful bag to everyone who hosts a party this month and has one thousand in sales!  

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Last week I interviewed a double board certified doctor to learn what his thoughts were on ketosis and ketones.  You can watch the full interview here.  We had a little technical difficulty and you can skip it by going right to 7:50.  Any questions please reach out!
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Those of you who are interested in learning more can join our ASK the KETONE COUPLE GROUP.  It is filled with 100's of testimonies like the following and all the research you might want to dig into about intermittent fasting, brain health, kids and ketones, athletes and ketones, recipes and snacks, all of the LIVE videos I've done with women who are all sharing the ketone conversation, as well as, getting your questions answered from Dr. Heather Cardin and Dr. Andra Campitelli, ND - Hormone & Keto Expert.

Ketones are safe for all ages and the anti-aging benefit for our brain and body is worth it all!

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This is my dear friend Michelle and I can't wait for all of you to hear her story to BETTER!
I've interviewed her several times and you can watch them here and here.  Her story is LIFE GIVING!!!  The two of use just shared our thoughts on doing a 60 HOUR REBOOT too and that can be seen here

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And yesterday she shared the following:

"So I wasn't going to share, but decided to because this is a milestone for me! As sad as this sounds, over the past 5 years I gained 120 pounds. Yes, you read that right, 120 POUNDS! 2 years ago I was at my heaviest weight EVER: 250 pounds! Yes, my little 5'2 frame was holding 250 pounds and I was embarrassed and ashamed that I had gotten to that point. For the past 2 years I started watching what I ate, and started walking but still struggled to sustain those eating habits and this combined with my sickness really deterred me from seeing the results I longed to see. I only lost about 14 lbs total in those 2 years. Fast forward to the end of May, when Ketones came into my life and COMPLETELY flipped it on its head! I can say today that I have OFFICIALLY HIT ONEDERLAND and lost a total of 37 pounds! Not only that but I feel like a COMPLETELY NORMAL PERSON AGAIN! This is so AMAZING especially because I started ketones less than 2 months after I had been laying up in a hospital for a week with a serious diagnosis that had the potential to become fatal. I cannot say enough about this special product. It literally saved my life in so many ways and I will forever be thankful that I was introduced to it! "

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Next I want to introduce you now to my friend Salena and her awesome story to BETTER.  You can watch her full interview here.
Salena shared with me "I guess I see a bit of a change...I know I sure feel BETTER....Thank GOD for ketones!
First photo was Aug 12, 2017 and the second was November 29, 2017.  Ketones have been life changing...look at my eyes in the first picture...I was smiling, but in so much pain, exhausted, migraines all the time, hormones out of balance, completely a shell of a person. My eyes in the first photo tell such a sad story....thank God I found ketones! I feel so much better, look at my is so healthy, no migraines, so much ENERGY, hormones are balanced, lost just keeps getting BETTER!"
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OK now my turn...Anyone over 40, can you relate to my joy over this progress?🤔

When I look at this photo I can't help but praise and smile because I know how bad I felt back in May. I know how discouraged I was that I wasn't getting better despite my efforts. I was discouraged that nothing was balancing out my hormones. I was disappointed that my tummy kept getting bigger even with intermittent fasting everyday. I was struggling to sleep and the night sweats were awful.

That is ALL a thing of the past and I could NOT be more excited for how good BETTER feels! Every day I'm choosing to protect my brain and fuel every cell in my body. One choice. One drink. That changed my life and you can experience it too! 🤗 
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*disclaimer all results are not typical and vary from person to person  
Who is ready for BETTER and not gaining the typical holiday 5-10 pounds? Simply reach out today and I will help you get started to creating your own BETTER story!

If you would like to watch all the LIVE interviews that I've done throughout November you can watch them all on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL KETONE COUPLE.

One of our families favorite ways to stay healthy all year long is using essential ois. To learn more about them and our favorites - click here.

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There’s a new kid in town!!! So many of our Holiday Collecions are selling out due to your incredible response! << Thank you! >> If there’s something you’ve been wanting, be sure to grab it before it’s gone for good.
 Shimmer & Shine Set — $55
This is the set to let your true radiance shine through in just 3 simple steps. Buff away dryness, deeply hydrate and highlight supple and smooth skin. Add a hint of shimmer and beautiful bronze from head to toe. This set features special travel-friendly sizes and is packaged inside our limited edition red gift box.
Body Butter in Citrus Mimosa: 3.5 fl oz
Glow Shimmer Oil: 1 fl oz
Sugar Body Scrub in Lemongrass: 3.5 oz
{ Value $75 }
Limit 2 sets per customer.
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Mom's of girls please read and share! #knowbetterdobetter


Early Puberty Puts Girls at a Higher Risk for Later-life Breast Cancer

And to say thank you to all of my BAND OF BEAUTY MEMBERS this one is just for you!
Not a BOB yet, you can join here the perks are great all year long!  When ordering this month PLEASE SELECT SOCIAL - DECEMBER TO REMBER :-D  To learn more about my favorite safer beauty go here!

FREE PRODUCT will be $30 item or less while supplies last.

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Wishing you and yours the healthiest of New Year's!
May you each know and feel the love God has for each you this time of year in a deeper and richer way!

The Ketone Couple

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