Saturday, December 30, 2017


WOW!  One day left until 2017 comes to an end!  

Are you ready for a fresh start?  I know I am! 

2017 God, gave me the word HOPE and I  had to cling to Him and His truths every single day!  NO way could I have gotten through some of what this year brought me without holding onto hope and His love.

GOOD NEWS -- 2018 is looking to start off pretty exciting for me!!  Two weeks ago, He spoke to my heart what my one word would be for the coming year - LIVE!  Let's just say I'm not disappointed about that one bit.

Last night, I went LIVE on Facebook sharing about being prepared for GREATNESS in the coming year!

You might be wondering, why is Jill so excited?   Well, God has been preparing me to build the program I'm going to announce in a few weeks for the last two years.  It is SO hard not to just blurt out all the details, but I have some finishing touches to do behind the scenes before it is ready!  But in the meantime start telling every busy mom you know to  tune in and fill out my contact form so they don't miss a single detail about joining my program.

I hope you can feel my excitement in this video and are anxious to learn more about Busy Moms NO Stress to Success too! 

If you are ready to be on my waiting list for the membership program to begin, then simply go to my contact page and fill out my form today!

Jill Samter
Busy Moms NO Stress to Success

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