Friday, December 29, 2017


One year.

My health and life have changed completely.

I'm worth the time. I'm worth the daily choosing of BETTER! So are you. 😉

Consistency is key to success in every area of your life. 😍

Keto living, daily intermittent fasting and ketones. No quick fix. No pill. No big crazy diets. No daily workouts.  Every month I do a three day ketone and water fast.   Learn everything you can about autophagy.  It is a life saver.

I feel alive and younger than I did in my 30's. I stare into the face of 50 and say GAME ON! 

If you are ready for BETTER, then ask for the help you need to achieve it. All the information I've learned and put into practice and recipes are in my groups.

When I look at these photos and I'm SO thankful and grateful for where I am today!

I leave you with one question before we begin 2018, "Are YOU ready for BETTER too?"

Happy and Healthy New Year!



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