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Today, I'm sharing a snippet from one of the first documents members will receive inside my membership program NO Stress to Success - YOU. ONLY BETTER.  It is a sampling of what members can expect each month.  Get ready to dive deeper into each topic inside the group, and as a member you can immediately put the tools learned into action in your life and business. 

NOTE:  This full document can be read and downloaded only inside the members only section here on my site and within our Facebook Group.

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I remember the first time I said “yes” to be a part of a network marketing opportunity.  I was overwhelmed and crazy excited at the same time.  OK, to be completely transparent, I was scared to death!  I had no experience in the industry and had just moved away from all our friends and family.  My first thought after being told I need to reach out to 100 people was, “Who am I going to share this with, and how on earth do I even get started?”  I knew the woman I joined under through our adoptions, but she lived far away from me.  I didn’t know anyone close by to ask questions in order to learn how to get started. 

The one thing I had going for me at the time was that I’m a natural born leader and go-getter.  I was already blogging and decided that would be my first action step.  I spent weeks making graphics and getting to know everything I could about the products.  I spent a great deal of time after that reading everything I could about the company and their compensation plan.  My sole focus was to NOT mess up building my team and business.   What I didn’t know was that MY way of doing the business would NOT be OK with my upline, and I was suddenly labeled a “problem.” “Your idea is NOT duplicatable and will confuse others,” they said.  Within in a very short time I felt discouraged and a bit bullied by my upline.  I didn’t know how to use Facebook to build my business and wasn’t comfortable reaching out to everyone I knew.  But I WAS comfortable with writing about my experience and how amazing the products were.   The blog posts were getting a ton of attention, and people shared them thousands of times on Pinterest.  Even with that, my upline was not happy and turned me into the company compliance department.  I was told to “shut it all down or be terminated.”   Yeah, that went over well with me…not…and now I was dealing with hurt feelings and was unsure what to do next.  I obviously couldn’t go to my upline, so now what? 

That was my first impression of an industry that does a ton of good.  Not so great, right?  Sadly, it is a very typical story that is told by many others who just want to get their feet wet, have a side job, make a little extra money, or be a part of something that has nothing to do with being a mom or wife.   

I learned a LOT from that experience! But it didn’t really sink in until I was disappointed a few more times with other products and opportunities.  I knew the network marketing industry wasn’t bad, I just hadn’t found the right one for me.  I needed a product I could be passionate about sharing and believe in 100%!   I also needed to have faith in the company creating the products.  It isn’t always so easy to find both! 

Fast forward several opportunities later, and I came to realize that I was not like most women who wanted to join network marketing.  I brought with me business skills prior to becoming a mom as well as being married to a successful entrepreneur for 25 years.  I am a quick learner and took it upon myself to learn what was needed to be successful, no matter what I was sharing.  With my last two companies, I grew teams of 35 and 85.  I have used my experiences from building those teams to put the final touches on creating NO Stress to Success. YOU. ONLY BETTER.  Every bit of this program is created from my failures, mistakes, successes and all the lessons I learned along the way.   

Maybe you never joined a network marketing company and are wondering how this story will help you to get started in becoming a NO Stress to Success Mom.  The answer is simple – every principle applied to business can be applied in all areas of our life:  wife, mother, sister, friend, colleague, daughter, sister in Christ, aunt, grandmother, etc.  You will be learning techniques and strategies that can change and affect all the relationships in your life.  YOU. ONLY BETTER.  Take from this program what you believe in and what will work in your life. You will get out of this what you put into it.

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Who is NO Stress to Success right for?
Are you a busy woman who has a home-based business or is thinking about joining one? Then you are going to want to be a part of NO Stress to Success | YOU. ONLY BETTER. 

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LADIES it is time  for YOU. ONLY BETTER.
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