Saturday, January 13, 2018


I've been quiet over here for the last few weeks, because I'm putting the final touches on my program NO Stress to Success - YOU. ONLY BETTER.  

This is a labor of love and has been a project in my heart for two years!

Today has nothing on me:
  • Cold Damp Weather - NO problem!
  • I just walked 1.5 miles right in my office! 
  • AND in under 18 days I've written over 80 pages of copy for #nostresstosuccessmom and they are edited and ready to GO! 
  • I only have 1 short  video to shoot and it is LAUNCH TIME!!!! 

LADIES it is time for - YOU. ONLY BETTER.

STAY TUNED and be sure you are SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel!  

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