Thursday, March 1, 2018


O.K. admit it -

  • You are so done with nail polish all over the place that never gets used after the first time you try it and hate the way it looks on your nails. 
  • You hate having to wait for your nails to dry and going to sleep too soon means you wake up with smudged nails.
  • You can't stand not being able to do anything after you just paid $25-$75 to get your nails done.  And showering is a big NO NO! :-(
  • No one has the time to spend an hour or more at the nail salon getting them done!
  • You keep hearing about how unsafe it is to use gel, acrylics and dips, but trying to find safer polish and a salon (with products that actually stay on) is next to impossible.  Yes, they are starting to pop up around us, but you still spend too much money for how long it lasts.

Ladies...let's just be real here. The nail and cosmetic industry has no regulation. Anyone can say organic or natural or safe. Not the case. Especially with these nail salons claiming they have "organic dips". It's driving me nuts! The first time I saw one I ran home and started researching because I was super excited about a safer way. Greenwashing. 100%. It's basically the same chemicals they use for acrylics...just more finely ground. Somewhat safer than gels because there are no UV lights involved. But definitely not safe. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Now, if we are being really real, NO nail polish is 100% non-toxic. Even the ones that claim to be non-toxic and 3-free or 8-free or 10-free...but some methods are safer than others. And you definitely want to avoid DBP, formaldehyde, and parabens in your polishes.

When I found out I could use a much safer nail polish strip vs all the other options out there I was THRILLED!   The cost didn't hurt my decision either!

Sets are $11-14 and are Buy 3, Get 1 FREE for Solids, Glitters, and Designs and Buy 1, Get 1 FREE for French Manicures. Shipping is a flat $3, no matter how big your order is!!!

Now take a few minutes to watch our unboxing....

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