Monday, March 12, 2018


OH YEAH!  They are SOOOOOO good!

Buckle up for another tasty treat!! 

This one is sure to be the next blog reader favorite here and a great way to start the week off!

I first saw this recipe on Facebook and decided to play with it until I LOVED how it tasted!

You will love how fast and easy they are to make and your family will LOVE you for making them!  So, for us moms that is what I like to call a WIN WIN!

Before I get to this delicious recipe, I wanted to touch on why drinking ketones and being in ketosis each day is so important to me as a woman over 45...first read this post and listen to this talk with Dr. Mary Newport.  You can learn more about this life changing drink at the bottom of this post. 

OUTRAGEIOUS BERRY CHOCOLATE FAT BOMBS:  (sorry no nutritional information) I don't count macros and don't have time to look them up.  Feel free to put them in the comments if you want to help others out who are still counting them or just beginning a ketogenic lifestyle.  I do intermittent fasting every day and eat so healthy and drink my ketones that I don't struggle with macros anymore!  Ahhhhhhhhh!  


  • Mix all coconut oil, butter, berries, keto KREME, vanilla into a saucepan on low and keep stirring. until everything is melted.
  • Add softened cream cheese into high speed blender with above mixture and blend until all the berries and cream cheese is mixed in!
  • Then put into molds - freeze for about 45 minutes 

While they are freezing make the chocolate topping -


  • Mix and stir on low heat until fully melted - then with a teaspoon pour onto frozen layer 
  • Sprinkle each fat bomb with the sea salt
  • Put back into freezer for about an hour or until you are ready to eat them! 

ENOY! I made 36 of them with that amount in the mini cupcake liners.

INSANE!!!!!!!!!  Just don't say I didn't warn you!  They are really AMAZING!

Let us know how you like this recipe!

One year ago I was introduced to a drink that has changed our lives.  As all of you know eating ketogenic correctly is NOT easy.  Getting into and staying in ketosis is also not very easy.   That is until I found out about and began drinking pure therpeutic ketones.  FYI - I turned 50 in February of 2018! 

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