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Every week I will be brining you new testimonies of friends that can't help but share their BETTER story with the world - because when your life is changed this dramatically it is selfish to keep it to yourself!

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Exactly 3 year ago today our lives were forever changed. My hubby fell from a 2nd story roof onto a concrete driveway and broke his entire body into pieces. He had 15 surgeries, spent months in and out of hospitals and rehabs. It's been a really REALLY long hard journey, that unfortunately will never fully be over.

However I thank God every single day that he was strong enough to fight and push to recover and is alive and well!!! Charles Smith is the strongest person I know. He's been through so much and he is still positive and pushes himself to be #better every single day.

A few things I learned through all of that is that nothing is guaranteed, everything, literally everything can change in one instant. Be grateful everyday for your health, appreciate your body and the simple things like walking and using your arms. And plan, save money, stay out of debt! Have a plan B, because if you dont, it can be catastrophic!! Trust God, through EVERYTHING, He is MIGHTY and WILL get you through!!!

I love my husband and I admire him for how well he handled it, it wasnt easy and most people would have given up. But, we get through each day together, and always will. The good, the bad, the tough and the easy we are partners.

He keeps me up on my bad days, and I support him on his. We will never be able to thank people enough for all support and prayers we've reviewed over this past few year.

We both are so grateful for our amazing families and caring friends. Thank you all so much. God is so good and im so grateful for my hubbys healing process and provision God provided for us 

Today 3 years later, he can share his story and hopefully inspire others. He can share what#KetoMax did to aid in his recovery in hopes someone else suffering can find hope again!#Godisgood #journeytowholeness #hesmyhero#thankGodforketonesandPruvit


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