Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Stories like this are why I will continue to share boldly the amazingness of ketones!
Meet Cheryl and her husband's #beforetoBetter story!

"The couple on the left were stressed, tired and drained. The woman on the left was smiling but dying inside. Physically, emotionally and dare I say Spiritually.

I was miserable. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t move due to so much inflammation, I craved and constantly ate and drank my emotions. I had no energy, hurt all over, was in a bad mood most of the time, my hormones were all over the place, my adrenals were shot, I was at my heaviest and over 200 lbs!
I was on 19 prescriptions and had a RX for a wheelchair. I couldn’t keep up with my kids or housework. (That’s still a struggle lol). I honestly was so low, I didn’t want to live some days and thought my family would be better off without me. I was letting my family and friends down and had no idea how to change. I had tried everything!!! I thought.....
If you think I’m obsessed, you are right. I’m obsessed with the one simple drink that has done miracles for me, my marriage and my kids. I’m obsessed with sharing that miracle with others. It took a willingness to change, I had to be willing to learn. I was lead able, coachable and trainable. I’m here for you if you want your miracle too. There is a community of people that genuinely care. We are a volunteer army spreading the Ketone Conversation.
I wake up everyday with thank you’s and messages of gratitude because I put myself out there and shared this with others. I have finally fulfilled my dream of being a helper and guiding others. My story can be the key that unlocks someone else’s prison and yours can be too!"

Now take a moment to watch this INSPIRE story:

Join our #itstimetoSHINE #youONLYBETTER team. Together we can do anything! Ketones are NOT a weight loss product. This is for everyone of all ages, all levels of health and fitness. Safe womb to tomb!

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