Monday, April 9, 2018


This flavor not only helps you burn fat for fuel with added MCT oil - but tastes like a creamsicle and makes the BEST popsicle for the summer mixed with KETO KREME! 😍🙋‍♀️

Its a family favorite and what got the ketone conversation started 2 years ago! 🙏

Those of you who order SPLASH - mix this in for added health benefits and fat burning!!! 

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 Orange Dream 2.1 - (original exogenous ketones) Tastes like an Orange Creamsicle! Amazing APPETITE suppressant!  Gluten Free - Vegan 

• Beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) • Infused with 7g of MCT! 
• MCT – a medium chain triglyceride that will be converted into energy (ketones) in the body naturally.  Contains MCT oil for better appetite control and reduced cravings, perfect for people looking for fat loss!
• Keto OS 2.1 has a very small amount of dairy – only Keto //OS product that does – used to bind the BHB to the MCT.
If you are sensitive to dairy, then the 3.0 Chocolate or Keto Max would be a better choice for you.
• Great for appetite suppression – Combination of BHB and MCT.
• Orange flavor is orange essential oils.
• Keeps you fuller for longer 
• Good to have early in the day to help with intermittent fasting.

ALL FLAVORS COME CHARGED and CAFFIENE FREE – They are amazing mixed with KETO-KREME PLUS.  It turns them instantly into a creamy milkshake with all the added health benefits for your brain and body. 

Would you like to learn how you can benefit from a ketogenic diet without having to do it perfectly?  Ask me how and watch this short video today

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