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Every week I will be brining you new testimonies of friends that can't help but share their BETTER story with the world - because when your life is changed this dramatically it is selfish to keep it to yourself!

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The girl in this picture on the left was (despite the smile captured) unhappy. She was 30 lbs overweight. She was exhausted. She had just had her 5th daughter. She was diagnosed with a low functioning thyroid. She was unhealthy and addicted to carbs and sugar.

She had very little knowledge about nutrition. She ate poorly, slept poorly. She had constant headaches, mood swings, poor self esteem and body image that brought on bouts of "hidden" depression.
The girl in this picture on the left was raising five kids, had an insanely busy schedule and had zero energy to get through her long days. She felt like she was constanly failing at parenthood and life.
The girl in this photo on the left lived paycheck to paycheck and only managed that because she was really good at “moving things around".

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“hey girl, be careful with that lifestyle, it’s pretty unhealthy!” .... or....
“hey girl... McDonald’s and DD everyday is bad for you!” .....
BUT......when I decided to make a change in my life.... find a path.... discover nutrition.... learn about supplements I could take to help me get started to better health, AND found community based marketing, and then learned about an even #BETTER supplement to help me reach all of my goals.... people just HAD to reach out!!
“Oh! Be careful! Supplements aren’t FDA approved!”
“Did you have your doctor look at those supplements?”
“Oh! Watch out! The ketogenic Diet is bad for you!”
“Oh! You’re cheating and drinking ketones? That’s not the healthy way!”
When I made the choice to go “all-in” in this industry and share my passion (and what I had found) with others..... when we were able to retire my husband so he could do the same..... OH how the comments rolled in!
“Are you sure that’s a wise choice?!”
"You're doing another one of "those" things?!
“Isn’t it more responsible to have a 9-5?!”
“What will you do for insurance and a 401k?!”
And my fave....
“Well, if you had a real job......”
I guess the point of sharing all of this is:
If you are going to judge someone’s lifestyle... take a good long look at what you’re judging. If you’re going to reach out and “save” someone from an unhealthy choice.... save them from poor nutrition, fast food, lack of exercise, and a crappy job!
I’ve never been healthier, happier, more financially secure, or more spiritually and emotionally fulfilled than I am RIGHT NOW because of this amazing industry so many people fear called “community based marketing”!
Your friends aren’t doing something unsafe!! Your friends aren’t swallowing snake poison! Your friends aren’t making poor financial decisions.....
Your friends are - quite possibly - FINALLY living! (And living well!!!)
My journey has been long. (This pic on the left was taken 8 years ago!) ..... but I started it!!!
I’m thankful for EVERY part of my journey to #better because it led me here.... to this moment!”
If not Pruvit, then what? All I ask is that you TRY it, give Keto OS/Keto Max a chance. Listen in and hear about the opportunity to share the ketone conversation.
It could be the one thing you've been hoping and praying for to change EVERYTHING!

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