Thursday, April 5, 2018


Who is planning a wonderful Spring Break trip alone, with the girls, or your family? 

These are a few of my MUST haves that I'm bringing with me on each trip I take! 

I'm 100% obsessed with the newest safer beauty product from Beautycounter!  Hello to all my fellow lazy ladies "that forget" to wash their face at night or bring face wash with them when going to the beach, gym, vacation, etc! :-D 

And what vacation or beach/pool day is complete without the perfect pedicure? 

Warmer weather is on the way - which means more time outside - which means PLEASE do NOT use unsafe sunscreen! PLEASE! 

This was our first change to safer beauty and I will NEVER regret making this a priority for our children and ourselves!!!!!
Cheers to vacations and SAFER sunscreen for the entire family! Skin cancer is nothing to bawk at and something you want to avoid!

Order now to ensure you are not without this #1 rated sunscreen by all the top magazines and who's who in the beauty industry, etc!

What safer beauty items are YOUR must have's? Share them below - I love learning about healthier and easier options! 

Thank you for spending time with me each day! I appreciate it and you!

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