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Friends you want to know what it is and why we are THRILLED it is in our ketones and keto KREME!

What is AC-11 ?? Here are some highlights about DNA and AC-11. We find the science behind this positively fascinating!

What is the phytonutrient AC-11?
#1 AC-11 is a phytonutrient extract of the inner bark of a tropical plant (Uncaria tomentosa, a plant indigenous to the rain forest)
#2 DNA carries our genetic codes and is the most important molecule in the body. Damage to DNA is the basis for aging and disease.
#3 AC-11 effectively removes lesions from damaged DNA caused by oxidative and non-oxidative stress
#4 AC-11 promotes DNA repair functions within the cell
#5 AC-11 also stimulates collagen III production, the form of collagen associated with soft, supple skin
#6 As we age, we lose collagen rapidly. By age 30, our collagen production has already decreased by almost 50%!
Laboratory studies show signficant, measurable increased in collagen III production in adult skin cells treated with AC-11
#7 AC-11 also normalized the expression of NF-KB in the cells, thereby regulating cellular response to inflammation (an over-expression of NF-KB heightens inflammation.
#8 AC-11 has a positive effect on Lymphocytes, increasing their life span and enhancing the body’s immune system.
#9 In a nutshell, AC-11 can repair the very DNA within us which will prolong the aging process – Crazy Right?

OK, Jill but what makes their ketones better than others?

Here is the answer by one of the formulators and researches behind ketones. Short answer is "no" and you want to be sure you know where the ketones are made and if they are really bio-available (pure therapuetic). The amount of ketones (BHB) in a product does NOT = better.
Pruvit started the ketone conversation when the first Pure Therapuetic Ketone was brought to market in September 2015 and is leading the way to helping our bodies be optimized through exogenous Ketones, FFT technology, MCT oil, AC-11, Collagen and so much more!
One final thought cheaper does NOT = better. Please don't buy products from outside sources (amazon, etc) when you can support your friends who are working hard to share the truth about healthy living with you.

If you haven't tried the KETO KREME, then you need it in your life!  Especially the NEW nutty flavor (HELLO!! Hazelnut flavor)!!!!  
Kreme is better than ever with AC-11 telomere support/anti-aging, a 4-blend of collagen for soft tissue support, and 15g of healthy, medium chain fats to support ketosis and sustained energy levels. 

ALL FLAVORS COME CHARGED and CAFFIENE FREE – They are amazing mixed with KETO-KREME PLUS.  It turns them instantly into a creamy milkshake with all the added health benefits for your brain and body. 

Would you like to learn how you can benefit from a ketogenic diet without having to do it perfectly?  Ask me how and watch this short video today

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