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As most of you know that have been reading my blog for the last two years or receive my monthly newsletters reboots and intermittent fasting are a HUGE part of my healthy living regimen.
Scott and I have spent months studying the many benefits and have taught about it on our KETONE COUPLE YouTube channel.  If you are not already subscribed to our YouTube channel, then be sure to hop over there now to learn all about autophagy, ketones, fasting, etc.

Funny how we can be so quick to upgrade our computers when there’s a new download, or perform a hard reset or reboot when our smartphones appear anything less than smart. Yet, we can be ridiculously slow to respond when our own bodies are dragging, clearly not running properly, and begging us to do the same.
Let’s face it. As human beings we can rationalize pretty much anything when it comes to Self-care, or really the lack thereof. We case-build by employing a lot of little reasons we have collected over the years, that ultimately feed one big one. Are you ready to hear this? Are you sitting down?

Many of us are hard-wired to believe that we truly don’t deserve to feel really good, and to be genuinely and consistently happy in and outside of our bodies.

(Yep. I went there.  Especially us moms and women!  We tend to put ourselves last.)

And we made all of this compelling by creating a series of limiting beliefs to reflect this new reality. The more we then talk about them, the more we believe them. The more we believe them the more we create the environment for them to grow and prosper. The more we live it we energetically attract others who think and feel the same way. It’s a wonderful process we give birth to called, MANIFESTATION. It’s our number one superpower. Only, in the past we’ve been using it as a survival technique instead of turning it on its side and birthing a new and even better truth.

Until now.
Happy spring! Welcome to the season of rebirth and renewal, a time when our physical environment begins to reboot itself. Hmmm. This sounds to me like a great place to start!

What if we would just take a few lessons from Mother Nature’s playbook? Let’s wipe the slate clean and take these next days leading up to our metabolic reboot on the 13th and plant some new seeds in how we will choose to tend to our own human vessels. Let’s Manifest something new by honoring and celebrating whatever past choices we once judged as contrary to growth, and see them as foundational to our new awareness on how to best fuel our body, mind and Spirit moving forward. Let’s see today, whenever this post may find you as Day One, the starting point to live better, to making Self-honoring choices in the moments leading up to and around the monthly reboot so that the 60-hour process itself is merely a powerful pit stop on the journey to becoming the very best version of ourselves.

Rebirth. Renewal. Reboot. If you ask me, it may just finally blow the lid of this whole seasonal thing.

One of my favorite experts that I've interviewed a few times is double board certified Dr. Richard Harris and he gave a wonderful recap on the many benefits of the REBOOT here

I am excited for those of you who have already signed up to join the Pruvit community REBOOT each month! 


To learn more about the REBOOT - CLICK HERE!

This is a very simplistic explanation of why you are experiencing certain symptoms during your ReBoot. Every ReBoot, for every person, is different. Because EVERY body is different!
While we use reputable, trusted sites to find this information, this is still just anecdotal evidence, and we are NOT physicians, so please consult your physician with concerns.
OILY SKIN- This is one of the first signs of detox. Your body is smart, and uses the largest organ to expel waste (detox).
HEADACHES- Your body is using adipose tissue (fat) as fuel, but has not adapted yet. Headaches are also caused by dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. A pinch of sea salt under your tongue will help!
SWEAT- Sweat helps activate the organs to engage in eliminating toxins.
COLD- The body is conserving energy as it realizes something is happening. Dr. Berg also shares that it is a low level of B vitamins.
EMOTIONAL - The liver is detoxing.
EUPHORIA- Once you have “made the switch” from sugar burning to fat burning, you will feel strong and motivated. Ketone powers, unite!!
DIZZINESS/WEAKNESS- glycogen is being pulled from the muscles.
NAUSEA- Due to increased blood acitity while the body is starting to burn its own fat. This will subside once the transition is complete. (Dr Nikolayev) Remember to stay hydrated and put a pinch of sea salt under your tongue once or twice a day!
COATED TONGUE- This happens during the first stages of detox and will clear once detox is complete.
BAD BREATH- Acetone, a ketone body, exits through the lungs and causes sweet smelling breath.
INCREASED MUCUS- Typically happens during an extended, physician supervised fast, not a 60 HR ReBoot. It is, however, a sign of repair and excess yeast/candida leaving the body!
HUNGER REDUCTION- This is a sign of improved brain function likely due to the rise in ketone levels and more stable blood sugar levels. Fat burning vs. carbs.
FATIGUE- Your body is running out of glycogen and not yet making ketone bodies. Also caused by the body working to repair itself and detox. Listen to your body and rest.
DIGESTIVE ISSUES- should subside, but are part if the transition. The bowls, like the sinus, also increase mucus. The worse the digestive issues seem, the more your body needs to detox.
INSOMNIA- The increase in adrenaline and orexin because of the decrease in insulin causes this. Adrenaline is a hormone that converts glycogen back to glucose to feed the brain. Orexin is the hormone that is functional in the regulation of arousal, appetite, and sleep.
CRAMPS- Ketosis causes a reduction in water weight. As you deplete your glycogen stores, the glycogen binds to water, and is excreted.
CONSTIPATION- Because of the diuretic effect of ketones, the stool may not have enough water. Hydration can be restored by drinking more water. On a normal day you should be drinking approximately 1/2 your body weight. During a ReBoot increase that by about 20-30 ounces depending on your body weight and activity level.
GRUMPINESS- Sympathetic (fight or flight) vs Parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous systems are triggered. Food triggers parasympathetic activation; urgent lack of food triggers sympathetic activation. Hunger implies a need to wake up sympathetic, causing aggressive feelings.
Again, it it vitally important that you listen to your body. Pruvit's disclaimer advises that you stop the ReBoot and consult your physician if you feel unwell.
Happy ReBooting!!


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