Wednesday, December 26, 2018



What was unthinkable twenty years ago, unattainable 10 years ago, unaffordable five years ago, is here today!

Are you ready to change your life and share the leading edge technology of DNA Personalized Nutrition🤔

Do you know someone who I should speak with or be introduced to?

Never before have we been able to listen to our DNA so closely and give it what it needs to be put back into balance! We are the ONLY company in the world capable of creating customized nutrition and no one can purchase it anywhere else! ZERO competition!

How many of you have been told that you and your spouse look alike?🤔🤣

We have many times over the 18 years of being together. We now share the same humor and have a lifetime of inside jokes! We get each other's weirdness and totally comfortable jamming to tunes from 30 years ago!

We eat the same foods. We both do intermittent fasting every day. We both drink enough water and consume enough sea salt too. But we never get the same results! And now I know why!🙏😉

Ladies, can we just agree that as we age we are very different from the men we love???

Our hormones make us very different and what our body needs is also very different. So taking the same supplements doesn't make any sense! Does it?🤔 Nope!

One size fits all is the past for all of us!!! Thank God!🙏💖 Blind nutrition is going away because 🔬 science and technology finally met up!!!! Our 1% differences can now give us the exact nutrition to support our DNA SNPs variants! 🙏💖🙏💖

This is huge and the way of the future!

Another raise of hands and be honest 😉 How many of you have cabinets or a drawer filled with supplements and systems you've never used? Or that never worked? Or that you bought hoping to get the results others spoke about on Amazon or read after you GOOGLED it? Or after a friend suggested you use the same thing she/he is?

Hello all of us have!!!! 🤦‍♀️ Because up until now we've relied on blind nutrition and best guessing! 😫 I'm so thankful I'll never guess what my body needs or worry if i'm taking the right form it can use!

Scott and I wanted to know if our DNA was being supported knowing we both lost parents to cancer. Our 35 page reports showed just how different our health needs were and what DNA SNPs were given to us by our parents. So, although we do the same healthy lifestyle our needs to support our variants meant all of the years we shared a drawer or cabinet full of supplements wasn't really the best way to RESTORE. NOURISH. OPTIMIZE. our personal health!

That my friends is the most exciting news and the future for everyone! 

Friends, this is truly an opportunity of a lifetime and you will have the best start for success to create a solid career with a company who is doing everything to ensure you have what you need to reach your personal goals!

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