Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lapbook fun!

This is Gabriel (4.5 who came home from Ethiopia Jan. 2009) and Joshua (3.5 who came home from Guatemala Oct. 2006) They are having a blast with the lapbooks and I'm enjoying watching them learn so much while having so much fun!

Friday Joshua wanted to use the Brown Bear lapbook - and here he is doing the head and tails puzzle.

I got to see which colors he can see and knows from this simple task. I now know which ones we have to work on more and can utilize the lapbooks we made to really improve this skill for him.

Without much prompting at all - "I simply asked him show me the largest bear first."

Then asked which one is smaller and he kept placing them down correctly first time.

Then we stacked them top to bottom - bottom to top.

He had the most fun counting them over and over again!

I will be working on some 1st thru 3rd grade lapbooks this week to share.
Coming soon:
Our basic curriculum for Lexi 10th grade.
Curriculum for Jordan and Abigail 2nd grade.
Our goals for Jonathan (5.5)and Gabriel (4.5) (Kindergarten).
Joshua (3.5) and Noah who will be 3 in December will do Pre-K together.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to doing the Brown Bear Tot Book with my preschooler this summer or in the fall! I enjoyed seeing the pictures here. :0) Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the new stuff coming soon! Can't sleep quite yet, delighted to have a friend's words to read this night.


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