Friday, September 4, 2009

You can draw too and Bible Tools

After our first day of school - I ran home and wanted to order the book below. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to draw and teach their children to fall in love with it too. I love teaching children how to draw and let their creative talents flow. I love watching them gain confidence after seeing their hard work come alive on paper. I love being able to peek into their minds and visually see how they look at the world around them.

Below is a description of the five basic shapes of drawing. Once you get good at each of them - you can draw just about anything. As you grasp each one - you learn how to put them together to create anything you can imagine. Have your children copy you writing the word OiLS. Then have them draw a picture using all of the basic shapes. A circle (O) not filled in and a dot (.) filled in, straight lines, right and left angles and then curves. Have them point out objects in the house that represent each one - see how many they can find and keep a list of each group. Then use them as ideas for drawing later.

Would you all like me to offer art class?
Each week I can give you a new project to work on and then you can post the final projects for everyone to see?

Below were done by Gabriel our 4 year old son done moments after the teacher asked him to use the above basic shapes in a drawing - only home from Ethiopia since Jan. 09

Abigail is 7.5 the first was done in class and the second at home on Friday. They are eager to draw now every day to show me all of the basic shapes! Look at the BIG smiles on Abigail's pictures. The second is a self portrait.

Jordan will be 7 next Monday. The following are her drawings. Her drawings are such a representation of her happy heart!

She drew a colorful ant playing soccer- with a goalie, a ball and a net (using all five basic shapes many times).

Jordan couldn't wait to show me this self portrait yesterday. I am blown away by how good it is and the difference in her drawing faces in one day! She used circles and dots for the eyes. Notice the nose shape too. I have NOT spent a moment teaching them art yet this year - this is all from 10-15 minutes of instruction using the above basic shapes.

Jordan begged me to draw with her yesterday - so I did the top and she copied. This took her less than 10 minutes. Wait to you see what you and your children can do when you throw out many of the harsh rules about drawing and art. Enjoy being creative using the basic shapes and you too will be amazed at how God's creation pops off your pages too!

Mona Brookes - the author of the book is an expert in teaching children and adults how to draw. One of the ways she teaches young children to draw is by having them use the sheets below. I am showing you examples of them completed and then have blank ones for you to use with your children. Until your children master one sheet do NOT move onto the next one. Right now Gabriel and Jonathan are learning to master the second level. Jordan and Abigail will continue to work on level three until they master it a little more. I am going to find more practice sheets and will share them with you as I find them.

Remember Gabriel is 4 and will be 5 in November.

I'm only showing you the level 3 of Abigail's because this blew me away!

Jordan'sShe was intimidated by the tree her first try. Yesterday we did the practice sheets again and she did a great job on the tree. We will keep using these until she masters it without any fear or feeling unable to do it. I encourage them to do their best and just draw what they believe is there. I don't care about size as much as I do them trying their best.

Feel free to print these out to use at home - Level One

Level Two

Level Three:

On Friday one of the teachers sent us the following page to help the children remember the 10 commandments.
I'm still trying to find the song we sing at CC - but this is a great resource to teach you and your children the 10 commandments - and it matches the sheet above.

I will continue to share ideas and tools that we use each week to learn more things. I am amazed at the amount of information they were taught in three hours this week and all that they each remember. I'm going to update the books we use page as well this week. So be sure to keep checking that throughout the year.

Many of you have asked me questions about our schedule and other topics about our school day - I will post answers this week. Please feel free to share our buttons and link to us. You never have to ask about that. I am humbled and honored you enjoy spending time here with us and want others to do the same!

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  1. Hello dear friend!!

    How are you doing on this BEAUTIFUL SONday morning?!?

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful art and bible lessons with the rest of us! Our computer/printer still isn't working yet - but I am going to have Brett print them off at work! I am so excited to share these with Aspen - she will be thrilled. If I can ever get the scanner working I will scan you her art work!! :0) She loves to draw so she will be super excited about these 'projects'. I checked to see if they have the same type of 'classical conversations' (I hope I remembered the name correctly) here, near our home, and I didn't see any classes :0( It sounds like this will be a wonderful resource for your family and I REALLY am looking forward to all you have to share each week!

    God bless you all!



    P.S. - We will continue to pray for Naomi and for the doctors overseeing her care -- you are doing a great job mommy - keep up the good work by trusting in HIM for her best care! :0)

  2. Thank you for sharing this. My oldest son is special needs and does not like to draw. I am thinking this may help him be encouraged to try and copy the shapes and then build on them to make his own drawings.

    We are definitely using the printables you provided.
    God bless you and your family.

  3. I so enjoyed all the photos! You and your children are truly blessed in the LORD as they all learn and grow together.

    Love you.

  4. Love it. We are using some of the "Draw, Write, Now" history/art series. I will incorporate this into our art lessons.
    Our 3 older kids have all learned the 10 commandments using those same cards. the visual cues are great for them to remember. We have "races" at dinner as to who can match the # to the commandment or vice versa. Even Joshua is wanting to do it too. He always shouts out 1...God is #1!!!

  5. What fantastic advice....I'll be back! Thanks :D

  6. Love those art sheets!!! Printing them off to use today with our girls!

  7. We enjoyed Drawing with Children! We used it last year. However, seeing your children's drawings made me think I should retry those basic sheets with my daughter again. It would be interesting to see how she grew over the year. Yet, I'll still focus on our art curriculum for this year. I love children's art and the ant playing soccer was too cute!

  8. Those art sheets are fantastic. Is this something I could use with my teens? Is there another book you know of for older children?

    Have a great weekend!


  9. We will be using the very same drawing book when we start our 1st grade My Father's World Curriculum. Also, thank you for adding the 10 Commandments link. My husband and I were helping out in kid's church on Sunday and the teacher drew the 10 Commmandment drawings and we thought it was such a great way to remember them.


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