Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 6 Complete

I pray you are doing well and finding your groove as the school year is well under way.

We are truly loving our program and the children are learning so much!

I will be filming them doing several songs we have learned since starting Classical Conversations.
I hope to get them posted this week, along with samples of their art work.

They are enjoying geography and very proud of themselves for learning where north, south, east and west are on maps, how to find places on the map we learned several weeks ago and can all name the seven continents of the world.

Soon they will have memorized skip counting up to the 12's (multiplication facts).

We just found out this past week that our youngest three can recite half of what their older siblings have been learning. Joshua can do a majority of the time line by himself. I'll try to video tape him doing it too - he is so precious! It makes sense since they usually sit with us doing fun things for the two hours we school each day.

Science they learned parts of animal and plant cell, did a very cool experiment using an egg to show how the cell membrane and wall protect us from things passing through (permeable vs. semi-permeable), and they just learned the difference between invertebrates and vertebrates.

Every other day they work on penmanship and strengthening their reading skills. We use Reason for Handwriting B this year. We are using Explode the Code - Jonathan just finished book B - he went through it alone in less than two months, Gabriel is working his way through book A, Abigail is just ready to begin book 2, and Jordan is almost finished with book 2.5. They spend hours each day reading to one another - Gabriel loves reading Daniel and the Lions Den - Reader 1. They are all very excited to read to Daddy and show them how much they have learned this year. We are so excited to watch them all blossom right before our eyes.

What are your favorite things about the school year this far? What are your children enjoying the most? What books do they love for you to read to them?

This week we will be busy - my best friend Bibi is arriving on Thursday, then we have Lexi' 1st jump-a-thon, my MIL is walking the 3 day breast cancer walk in Philadelphia and we will be waiting for her at the finish line!

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