Friday, January 8, 2010

Lapbook Mania

When I said I went lapbook crazy I wasn’t kidding.  I printed out everything I needed.  Then went to town laminating.  What an amazing invention!  I’m very fond of mine.  :-)  Remember if you want to find anything in any of the lapbooks below use the links in my sidebar for Lapbooks.


Then I sat for hours cutting everything.

Then I put everything into categories – math, bible, history, etc. Then I laid it out into the files before taping them to be sure everything I wanted in each one would fit.  Even after doing all that I did I still have four more to finish.  The children spent the day coloring everything before I laminated it – so they were part of the entire process with me :-)

I really love how this President one came out.  I’m still on the look-out for one that explains the branches of our government – does anyone have one to share with me????  I want to put in the Declaration of Independence, terms of office for each branch and pictures of the White House, etc.


Next came Bible lapbooks – Old Testament and New Testament and the Fruits of the Spirit.  They will both be used often in our house. I love the awards to give out during the day to each child for the one they displayed the most!  What a great way to reward them for walking in the Spirit vs. empowered by me, myself and I!

IMG_0555IMG_0561  IMG_0560   IMG_0559 
Next I made a few for math – coins, addition, subtraction, measuring, fractions, multiplication, and division.
IMG_0571  IMG_0562
IMG_0564 IMG_0565
IMG_0567 IMG_0568

More to come!   Art and math lessons….

Now it's your turn - what lapbooks have you made recently??
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  1. Okay, I know jealousy is not a good thing :) Only wish you lived closer so my boys could enjoy some when you are done with them! What am I talking about, you have 9 kids! Imagine how perfect these will be for Lilly to learn English at all levels.

    Happy hugs,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. The mini-offices are wonderful! So colorful and full of details.

  3. We LOVE lapbooks!! These are GREAT! Thanks for sharing the link. I had forgotten about Homeschool share. Here is the link to the two we came up with listed on our blog.

    You left me a comment a long time ago on our bottle top words tutorial and I happened to go back and read it today. I decided to check out your blog. I'm so glad I did! I think it's wonderful. It's uplifting to see another Christian family who homeschools and LOVES children! ;-)


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