Sunday, February 7, 2010

Be Still Sunday - I called...

All you have to do is call upon His name - pray and let God move mountains in your life.  Let my life be a testimony for You O'God and how You never fail to answer our prayers and even answer the ones we never let leave our lips but are written on our hearts.  For You O'God know our hearts deepest desires and love to exceed all of what we ask of You.  Father, as I take this journey with You truly leading the way - I cry out to be used by You and for Your glory.  I thank You that our daughter Lilly called and You came to her rescue.  That no arrow against her will prevail and she will come home just as You said she would!  I thank You for being so close to me that I can rest in Your awesome power and love.   I pray for those who visit my blog and come here are learning just how faithful You are - no matter how big the storm You are there.  I pray they will call upon Your name and receive the greatest gift - life with You!  I pray their hearts are turned toward You and they too will learn to trust and obey You God!  I love You and can't wait to see all that You have for me on this trip to bring home Your ransomed child.  By Your blood we are saved and Your grace is enough!  I praise You.  I thank You!  In Jesus' name I pray!  AMEN!

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