Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's focus on love...

Last year we made a huge poster with the verses from 1 Corinthians on it - then with Velcro we hung a new word about love onto the poster.

UPDATE:  Here is how that works just in case any of you want to do the poster idea instead.  We read the verse and pick one or two words out of the envelope.



This is hanging in our dining room for all of us to see at each meal.  We are still making the vase because without LOVE we are a bunch of clanging cymbals before God.  Without love everything we do is unable to effect anything for eternity! 

However, this year we are going to use an idea I saw on Totally Tots and make a love vase.

Here is the link to print out all that you will need to make these vases :-)

This month the children and I dedicate to learn: 

Steps to make your own love vase:

  1. Print out the love words using the link above on card stock paper - 2 each.
  2. Cut them out in the shape of the heart.
  3. Then you will need green pipe cleaners and glue gun (or permanent two sided tape). Put the same word back to back and put the pipe cleaner in the bottom - attach them with the glue or tape.  Place them in a vase - cut the pipe cleaners different sizes to make it easier to read all the words.
  4. Each day add a new word to your vase talking about what that word in action looks like and means. One thing I like to do is change out the word Jesus for love, ie Jesus is patient, long-suffering, always kind...Jesus never boasts, is never proud or rude, etc...  Then I ask the children what happens when they put their name in front of it?  Now how can they change where they go wrong and who do they need to do it?  Answer can only be "Jesus!"

By the end of February you will have a vase full of love words to live by.  I spend time teaching them what it means and looks like to allow God to bring the fruits of the spirit alive in them each day.  To teach them the fruits of the Spirit I will be using the lapbook I made last month.  You can get the links to them from my sidebar.   You can click on the photos below and make them larger to print out on card stock, laminate, cut out the shapes of the hearts and then make your own love flowers!  I will post the finished product later this month.  We wish you all a LOVE filled month - full of His to overflowing!

Here is the original picture I saw and idea that I am copying!   The link to Erma's blog no longer works.  However, it was first posted on TT's site and I want to share it with all of you.  Have fun making these love arrangements!

Don't forget to share this with all the teens you know - the challenge begins today!  I look forward to watching God move mountains in the hearts of their generation to step above the low expectations set before them and do great things!  All for His glory!  Join me please to encourage all the teens you know to learn what God has to say about purity of heart, mind, body and spirit! Share the button and pass it around!  :-) Thank you!

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  1. I enjoyed looking over your blog
    Great blog title
    God Bless you

  2. I LOVE this idea!! I'm adding this one to our list!


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