Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday – El Shadday



Reflect On:     Genesis 49:22-26

Praise God:     Because it is His nature to bless those who love Him.

Offer Thanks:  For the way God has persistently blessed your life.

Confess:           Any tendency to believe that God would desert you.

Ask God:         To help you become a blessing for others.

I chose these graphics because they remind me WHO I am writing about, to Whom I pray, Who I am to trust and obey, and Who it is that I serve.    I am thankful for God Almighty (El Shadday) and all the ways He takes care of us.


Ann shared a story about Joseph and how much suffering he endured.  She shared that through it all there is one thing he was consistent on doing – trusting in God to protect him and provide a way out.  Joseph had no idea how long he would be a slave, nor did he understand why so many bad things kept happening to him.  He was just a boy when he was sold by his brothers as a slave to the Pharaoh. None of that changed his faithfulness and trust in God.  Why?  Because Joseph didn’t depend on his wisdom to get out of the situations – he simply trusted God.

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I like what Ann shared at the end of today’s reading:

Remember that the next time you’re tempted to doubt God’s promises.  Nothing can prevent El Shadday, our Almighty God, from carrying out His plans and pouring out His blessings on those who belong to Him.  Pain there will be, confusion, struggle, and difficulty, but God can (and will) use even these to bless us as long as we trust Him.”

That is the key right there…we simply must trust in Him.  We don’t need to know what is ahead of us.  We don’t need to understand why.  We simply must trust and obey Him right where we are knowing His plans are at work in our lives for our good and His glory.

Look what God did through Joseph’s suffering…he saved Jacob’s family and brought them to Egypt.  Genesis 46:26-27 says, “All the persons who went with Jacob to Egypt, who came from his body, besides Jacob’s son’s wives, were sixty-six person in all. And the sons of Joseph who were born to him in Egypt were two persons. All the persons of the house of Jacob who went to Egypt were seventy.” Pharaoh gave Joseph and his family the land of Goshen.  This was all part of God’s plan for the Jews to become a people group and be separated from everyone.   70 went in free – they lived in Egypt for 430 years and during that time became slaves to Pharaoh who no longer looked highly upon Joseph, nor did he like that the Jews were growing in number.   Again, the plans of man can not thwart the plans of God.  Only 70 went into Egypt and through the exodus 2.5 million came out.  Only God!  There is so much more to this story and all that God did for the Jews – I pray you seek Him to learn what He wants to show you!

What is impossible for God Almighty?  Is there any trial you are going through He can’t get you out of?  Is there anything too big for Him to overcome?  

He is the very God (Elohim) who put the sun, moon, stars and everything we see into existence.   He is the very God who gave breath and life from dust.  He is the very God who knows every hair on your head and the years of your life.   Nothing goes unseen by El Roi

Nothing can hold back the power of El Shadday in our lives but us.  

Are you willing to release the power He has given each of through His Son?  Are you willing to own the gift of life to the fullest and embrace His sovereignty over everything?


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