Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Totally Terrific Tuesday – Senses

I’m truly enjoying this study more than I expected.  I love how it is causing me to look at something God has used to teach me so much about Him – His creation!  I just love admiring it.  From the morning skies to evening sunsets.  From the wind in my hair to soft gentle rain hitting my face!  From the smell of a rain storm coming (which I for one will always think of Jesus from an email I got years ago) to the beauty it brings when it is over.  Like a rainbow!

Tuesday’s reading has us reflecting on Genesis 1:26-28 – praising God for His power in creating the heavens and the earth out of absolutely nothing.   We are asked to thank God for not only creating us, but that He made us in His image!   Then to confess how often we forget that every human life, including our own, is sacred.  Our prayer for today is to ask God (Elohim) to renew our sense of wonder and gratitude for the things He has made.

This rainbow is from a trip I took to Florida last Spring to be with two of my dearest friends.  Both were brought to me through adoption!  God used our horrific agency back then to bring me two of the most precious women into my life.   Not to mention they would walk through five adoptions with us from Guatemala. And of course have stood by our side through our last two from Ethiopia.

I love looking at these photos because they remind me of God’s promise even during our darkest moments and times of change in our lives.   This trip was full of God moments and the rainbows (yes I said rainbows – because God provide three of them – one was a double!) that came when the sky seemed so gloomy!   Rainbows in the bible remind of God’s promises.  They do just that for me.   God’s promises are true today just as they were to Noah and Abraham.  God’s promises endure forever!   Do we live as though we believe that?  Are we hung up on our circumstances or are we remembering to rest in His promises? 

These photos fit perfectly with what Ann brought up in today's reading – have you ever wondered why the world you take so for granted is so stunningly beautiful?  So pleasant to live in?  Why the people around you are capable of so much kindness?  Have you noticed that the sky is NOT always gray?  Or that the grass you complain to cut because it grows too fast is so soft under your feet?  Have you taken time to see God’s beauty all around you and how He takes such care of it?  

I’m blessed to have a HUGE butterfly bush right off of our deck.  It actually grows to almost 8 ft every summer.  Which means it fills with butterflies from July to September.  It is stunning and takes my breath away every day!   I actually have more photos of butterflies during the summer than I do of our children.   If not, it is pretty close.   God uses these little creatures of His to remind me of His care for me.  I’m glad it is there because I too take it for granted way too often.


These are the two blessings I mentioned above.  When I forget how much I am loved these two are there to lather me with His love.   They are truly like sisters and family.   I am grateful for them and all that they bring into my life.  You know what I like most?   That they are growing in His grace and knowledge just like me.  That they are walking towards Him and figuring out what it means to live a life so close to God that everything else melts away.   That they are real!   That they are OK when I fail and instead of judging me or showing me how far I got away from the One who created me – they point me back to His grace, mercy and love!   I can be me – 100% of the time and they still love me.   Now that my friends is a gift money could never buy.    God mad them in His image – to love!  

Sheri, me and Bibi

Will you please join me in praying for Sheri’s Daddy? He is going to begin radiation tomorrow for the next 8 weeks for prostrate cancer, and also will have surgery to remove cancer from breast tissue.  I know it will mean a lot to her to know we are all standing beside her family now.  Thank you!

Today God is gifting me with time with Maria (some of you support her organization).   Maria is my oldest friend (we have known each other since Lexi was 1 yrs old), meaning she has been in my life the longest and has gone through it all with me.  She has seen the drastic changes God has made in my life and knows first hand the wonder of what His love has done in me!    I am so sad I can’t find my photo with her on my blog.  I know it is there from last summer.  For now you will just have to enjoy this shot of her beautiful family.

Maybe I will get a new one of us today.  I’ll try – no promises.  :-)

As you know from reading my stories about picking up Lilly God blessed me with yet another special woman in my life – Marie.  He brought her into my life almost 3 yrs ago when she first began attending our home fellowship.  Slowly over the last 3 yrs God has knit our hearts deeply together.   Since coming home I miss her.  I look forward to seeing her each week now at church and long for our next lunch date so we can share just how far God has brought us since coming home!


In any case, these women are a complete blessing in my life and help remind me to always rejoice in God’s creation!    They help me focus on what is most important in my life and today I am thanking God for His hand in my life years before I took time to seek Him!   I stand in awe as I look back over how far He has brought me and our family in only 5 years.   His grace is sufficient.  He is able.   He is faithful!  He is loving!  He never lets us down!   His promises are true!  

I am so grateful for each of you and my prayer friends!   I pray God blesses us with a way to meet each other in person – SOON! 

Yesterday Lexi posted a video that hit me hard about how we see ourselves and how God sees our hearts.  We may fool the world around us but God sees the heart and knows our every thought.  There is no sin we can hide from Him.  There is no place we can hide.   If we all stood before God today – what would we be unable to wash from our faces?   What will it take for each of us to see ourselves the way God does and begin to live out our lives fully by His grace and power?   And His love? 

As I focus on Elohim this week I am reminded to rejoice in all of His creation – you and me!  We are made in His image.  WOW!  He loves us deeper than any ocean, higher than any mountain and unlike our love, His endures forever!   We praise You Elohim for all of Your creation – that You have called, “good”!   Thank You for creating us in Your image and giving us the ability to love!  

Remember you can post any time this week on what God is speaking to you through His name Elohim.  Go here to link up so we can be blessed with you!

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