Sunday, March 7, 2010

Your Name

I'm excited for this week's study of His name as El Roi - I pray you are having a blessed weekend. We are loving the SONshine and warmer weather finally.  The snow is almost gone making way for a new season of life all around us!  God's perfect timing amazes me - right on time to celebrate the new life for all, by the power of His Resurrection.  He is Risen!!!!

Lilly went to see two high school plays with us yesterday - one was an opera/comedy and the other was a murder mystery. She enjoyed them both. A few times she asked if Lexi was going to perform. It was very sweet. 
I love seeing her in our home.  I love watching God grow her heart for Him each day.  Today we will worship Him together at church!  What a blessing to my heart to sing to our God together!  Our Elohim who created us both to worship Him.  Lilly loves sitting under Scott's teachings too.  I look forward to when her comprehension of the language is stronger and we can further discuss what she has learned. 

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