Friday, April 2, 2010

Fearfully Fabulous Friday - Yahweh Yireh

What an awesome photo - HE IS RISEN!

As we enter this holy weekend embracing our Saviors death and resurrection - I believe yesterday's study does a great job expressing who Yahweh Yireh is!  Before I get to that let me share this...

A fallen angel started it all.  Sin that is.  Pride.  Wanting to be equal and better than God.

Creation.  God starting His love story with mankind.

Man was created.  God provided everything they would ever need. God said, it was good.

Once again pride got in the way - and sin entered the earth.  Man wanting more than what God provided - believing it was NOT good enough.  And this is the story that has played out over and over again throughout history.

God provides.  Man says, "it is not good enough, not how we want it, not when we want it, not where we want it, your payment can't be enough and there has to be more than one way."  Are you doing this in your life today?

One day and moment in time the world was changed once again.  A baby was born. In a manger. His people would reject Him for where He was born and not coming the way they wanted or expected.

Years passed the child grew.  He began teaching the teachers.  He spoke of things only His Father could have told Him.   He began to fulfill prophecy after prophecy.  He was despised for speaking the truth.  He was called a blasphemer.  He was rejected once again.  Are you rejecting Him today? 

He was tempted and resisted the devil.  Who by the way was hoping Jesus would be prideful wanting to be better than God.   As if that is even possible.  They are one.  But who ever said the devil is smart.  What a fool.

He walked and taught 12 disciples for 3 yrs.  He performed miracle after miracle fulfilling more prophecy.  Sadly even they walked in disbelief many times seeing the work of His hands.  

Then the time came for the ultimate rejection of His people.  He prayed to His Father.  He trusted in His plan to pay the price for man's sin for all time.  He was sent to redeem God's children forever!   He was sent to save us.   He knew it was going to take His shed blood on a wood cross that He would carry for miles to pay for our lives.  He never said no.  He never gave up.  He never stopped until it was finished.  

You see God doesn't start something and stop half way.  God completes everything He begins!   God sent His one and ONLY SON to pay for our sins so that no one should perish but have everlasting life.   He didn't send Him for a few.  He sent Him for ALL!  He sent Him to pay the price in FULL for our lives.  Completely!   It is DONE!  

The same child that was born over 2,000 yrs ago that changed the world, paid for it in full the day He died and rose again!

And you can either chose to live each day wondering if all of this is true or you can ask God to help you believe upon His Son and enter the gates of heaven forever.   The choice is yours.  There is ONLY ONE truth, way and life!  It is through the person of Jesus Christ - God's only begotten Son.

Now back to the study.

Reflect on:      Genesis   22:15-18

Praise God:      Because He delights in blessing His people.

Offer Thanks:   For the blessings you have received because of Abraham's obedience.

Confess:           Any tendency to attribute God's blessings to yourself or unbelief in His ability to provide what He has promised us He would.

Ask God:           To help you experience the connection between obedience and blessing.

A quote Ann shared by Alexander MacClaren is a wonderful illustration of accepting Christ as truth and the way or not.  

"If we wish to have our outward needs supplied, our outward weakness strengthened, power and energy sufficient for duty, wisdom for perplexity, a share in the Sacrifice which takes away the sins of the world, we receive them all on the condition that we are found in the place where all God's provision is treasured.  If a man chooses to sit outside the baker's shop, he may starve on its threshold...And if we will not ascend to the hill of the Lord and stand in His holy place by simple faith, and by true communion of heart and life, God's amplest provision is naught to us; and we are empty in the midst of affluence."

Ann then wrote:  If you have been "sitting outside the baker's shop," hungry for God's blessing, ask Him to help you to move inside by giving you the grace to obey even the smallest command.  Before long your small steps of obedience will lead to larger ones and then your steady habit of obedience will lead to deepened faith, enabling you to experience God as Abraham did, as Yahweh Yireh!
My prayer is that you will no longer starve outside His shop - that you will knock upon His door, enter into His grace, that you will ask and receive the answers that will solve all your heart cries for hope, rest and joy!  That you will seek Him all the days of your life and know Him as your Redeemer, Restorer and Provider!   That you will know Him as your friend and lover of your soul!

Four Posts about our Risen Savior that I believe will bless you #1 The Truth, #2 He is Risen, #3 Paid in Full, and #4 Resurrection Musings.

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