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Praying the Name - Adonai


“The Lord [Yahweh] appeared to him” (Genesis 18:1), but “Let me take it upon myself to speak to the Lord [Adonai], I who am but dust and ashes” (Genesis 18:27).

Adon means, “steward administrator, master, or Lord.” The addition of ai to adon intensifies or elevates its meaning, changing it to mean “the ultimate Lord, the Supreme Lord, or Lord of all.” The title Adonai, therefore, emphasizes the sovereignty of God, the Lordship of God. The meaning of Adonai Hebrew for "Lord" (Hebrew: אֲדֹנָי), God is Lord, clearly defines our role as servants of our Lord, the God with outright ownership of our life and all things in Heaven and Earth. This defines our role as servants to our Adonai.  It signifies ownership or mastership and indicates the truth that God is the owner of each member of the human family, and that He consequently claims the unrestricted obedience of all.

The form Adonai, is used 439 times in the Bible, can be rendered either as “my Lord” or simply as “Lord.” (Linguists offer various explanations for the element -ai. Is it a possessive pronoun denoting “my” or does it indicate a plural of majesty?) Thus, we find Exodus 15:17 translated most frequently as “the sanctuary, O Lord [Adonai],* which thy hands have established” (KJV) but, sometimes, as “the sanctuary, my Lord, which your hands have established.”1 Since Adonai and Yahweh are both typically translated as “Lord,” many modern Bibles—following a suggestion first made by William Tyndale in 1530—render Yahweh as “LORD” in small capital letters, and Adonai as “Lord.”

Lordship meant complete possession on the one hand and complete submission on the other. God is never a capricious or unjust Master and therefore does not ask what cannot be performed, and never requires a task for which He does not equip His servants. In other words, everything God asks us to do is good and just and can be accomplished as we trust Him to enable us to do all that He has asked us to do.

Our service to the Lord is a complete surrender to the will of God our Father. God will never ask us to do anything we cannot accomplish. Because He is a kind and loving master; He equips us with all we need to succeed in the tasks He requires of us as we read in Ephesians 4:1-16. Clearly, it is God as our master that calls us to service and through this scripture of Ephesians that we see that He has given us the tools we need to fulfill our service to Him. Through our service, we draw ever closer to Him, our Lord and Master who is our exceeding great reward.

I was blessed and motivated by Ann’s opening to this week’s study and I trust you will be too:

As you pray to Adonai, tell Him you want to surrender every aspect of your life to Him.  Pray for the grace to become the kind of servant who is quick to do God’s will.  Remember, too, that the Lord is the only one who can empower you to fulfill His purpose for your life.  In fact, it is in knowing Him as your Lord that you will discover a true sense of purpose.  The New Testament depicts Jesus as both Lord and Servant.  In His latter role He exemplifies what our relationship with Adonai is to be.

I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord; I have no good besides You.”  Psalm 16:22213737303_6af2fcc27e

Lord, I am sorry for the times that i have only paid you lip service to your Lordship in my life.  I have prayed one thing and done another.  Help me as of this moment to experience the joy of serving you, living with the knowledge that You are my Adonai, my Lord and God.  Amen

This name above all others is what our faith is about.  When you accept The Truth, The Way and The Life – there is only one reasonable thing to do – Romans 12:1-2.   That is to obey and trust in Him no matter the cost.  That is to say, “Yes Lord”, to the impossible and rest knowing God will provide whatever it is needed to see you through.   That is to live out Luke 9:23-25 – daily!   It is a choice every single day and sometimes moment by moment – to live or die.  Read Deuteronomy 30   

Not my will by they will be done!

How many of your are a spouse that read my blog?  With a show of comments – let me hear from you on how many times you have to choose to die to self in order to submit to God and your spouse – to love not as the world loves but as Christ loves.  Can I hear an “AMEN” on the fact that our flesh tries to do everything but submit to God and our spouse?  Can I hear an “AMEN” on the fact that respect is not natural for women and love is not natural for men?   That it can only come from God – a work of the Spirit living in us to will and do His good work for His good pleasure, all for His glory!  AMEN?

How many of you have to forgive as you have been forgiven? 

How many of you have to put Jesus before your spouse when they have said or done something that has hurt deep – but you know that the way to love is through the tender mercy and forgiveness of our Savior? 

How many of you say He is Lord (Adonai) yet, you keep Him in the safe, easy places of your life to trust Him with?   (that is not one you have to answer here – that is between you and God – so is the next one)

How many of you simply want a Savior and are not looking for a Lord?   Have you considered the cost of your choice?  Have you considered how many lives for eternity you effect by living for yourself and not Him – by saying you are believer of Jesus Christ – yet living just like the world – a lover of all things and striving to have more and be more?    How many of you are offended as a believer that there is really only one way to please Him and to heaven?  That is through your belief and faith in Him!   Without faith it is impossible to please Him.  Hebrews 11:6

Our God is a jealous God.  He wants NOTHING to come before Him in our lives.  He is deserving of nothing less than our full heart and minds being set on Him first and always!   Nothing please Him more than a willing servant who is ready to simply say, “Yes Lord (Adonai)” no matter the cost.   Remember He paid the ultimate cost so you could choose eternal life.  He paid for you.  What part of you could possibly not belong to Him?  What part of your life does He not see or care for? 

There is nobody like our God – Jehovah!   Nobody is greater or more worthy of our Praise, honor and glory!  

Come rest with me in Him today – I’ll meet you at the throne room!

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