Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts on healthy eating…

I read this post today and it got me thinking about how important it is to seek truth in all areas of our lives.  To ask God to search our hearts and bring healing the areas we have hidden from Him and the world around us.  The areas we carry in secret and believe they are safe tucked deep down inside.

Last week I spoke to a teen girl about her family choosing to get healthy together.  I felt such relief when I got done speaking with her because I know the pain and suffering this family has gone through due to serious health challenges.  I will be praying that they seek God strength to help them push through the hard days ahead as they learn to really consider what they are putting in their bodies – His holy vessel.

This might be harsh and some of you may really be upset with me for saying what is coming next and for that I am sorry…these are my thoughts lately as I watch the world around me get sicker, heavier and more depressed.

When I wrote my book all I could think about was, what would Jesus be eating if He were living here in America today?

Can you imagine Jesus going through drive-thru – chomping down a Big *Mac, coke and fries?

Can you imagine Jesus stuffing Himself with processed packaged food, filled with chemicals, no nutritional value whatsoever?

Can you imagine our Savior settling for anything less than what His Father gave Him?

Then why do we?

I don’t have TV in our home and yet the blessing of the internet helped me watch the opening season of Jamie’s Oliver Food Revolution.  There is some words that are NOT totally appropriate in this video, so please your judgment with sharing this with your children.

You can take back control of your health!  You have the choice every single day to fight against the world around us and settle for anything less than the perfect foods God created for us to eat.  We don’t have to settle for the standards our government wants us to believe are good for us – or the quality of food they are providing in the stores across America.   We can be the change we all desire to see!    Vote for the food revolution and get involved in your state and school district.  Help make change a reality in your town today!

Get educated and learn the truth about health.   Learn all you can and begin healing your body today!   

Will it take effort on your part?  Yes! 

But is it worth it?  You can bet your life it is!

Will it cost your more time and money?  Maybe – but again there is no price you can put on health and not being tired, sick, depressed and obese.

Do it for your children and grandchildren – help them make better choices so their future can be better than yours is today!

I’m here to help – let’s pray together and begin the journey of breaking free for health today!

Blessings and much love!




  1. I watched two of the episodes of this series and it was good and needed. I was amazed at how many people got angry with Jamie and felt he was interfering. He has a heart for children to learn to eat healthier.

    I'm finally settled after moving and need to get back reading more. I'm going to pick your book up again Jill.

    Love you,

  2. Been following along in the episodes as well. Even my children are involved. His sensitivity towards children, have touched the heart of my children.

    Last July we started our new life style eating. At times we've slipped into our old habits(briefly, I might add), with a quick reality of how rotten we feel.

    Like Debbie, I too, need to pick up your book again, a little refresher is in order.


  3. My laptop died around Thanksgiving, and along with it went this blog address. I'm glad my laptop has been revived! I have been trying to eat healthier for several months. People think I'm dieting, when really I am just trying to eat REAL food, nothing processed. An unexpected positive-NO daily migraines! Apparently I am really sensitive to preservatives. I have been plagued with migraines since I was 9, and have had daily headaches for 6 years. Anyway, I'm really glad I found your blog again, and look forward to learning more about how to break free!


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